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Week 28
~ A Pain in the Butt

Yup, you guessed it, the hemorrhoids got worse. In fact, it was so bad yesterday that I put in a quick call to my Ob/Gyn, just in case he hadn't left for vacation yet. I was lucky, and he was not only still in town, but able to squeeze me in. So, I now have a prescription for suppositories and cream to use twice a day - as grossed out as I was by this concept they've already made a huge difference. Plus I have to really increase the amount of fibre in my diet, or start taking Metamucil every night before bed (I hate Metamucil so much I'm willing to eat just about anything else to avoid that!). So, last night we went out and stocked up on Raisin Bran, lots of fruit and veggies and yogurt that is supposed to help regulate your system. If this doesn't work I'll try the All Bran cereal bars, before moving on to the Metamucil.

In good news, I got the results of my Glucose Test while I was at the doctor's and passed with flying colours. The cut-off point is 7.8 and I was 4.2! I knew my blood sugar had been low, but I wasn't expecting to pass it so well. Also, I managed to get through the week without catching Aaron's flu from last week (knock on wood).

But I think the biggest excitement of my week this week was finally buying and assembling the furniture for the baby's room! It now actually looks like a baby could sleep there. The furniture is a gorgeous cherry colour, and the crib converts to a toddler bed and daybed. Once I have a few more things finished I'll take a photo of the room and post it. Aaron and I also finally finished up our online baby registry list. I've requested a lot of necessities in the hopes that we don't have to buy too much more. Who knew babies were so expensive? It looks like I am going to be getting two or three baby showers - my two aunts each want to throw me one back home (they're not on speaking terms) and my friends are going to throw me one here in town. It looks like the family ones will be at the end of March and the in-town friend shower on Easter Weekend. Hopefully after the showers we will be all ready for baby to arrive.

Well, I suppose that is all for this week. Until next week,
~ Kaye

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