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Week 31
~ Not Much to Report

Kaye at 30 weeksWell, this week has been pretty uneventful. Aaron had to go in to work for a few more days than he originally thought he would, so he didn't start on the kitchen floor until Wednesday. Even so, the old tiles are now completely torn up and he's working on clearing off the old grout and glue. Unfortunately it means our kitchen is not very usable, but we were expecting that and I made up a few batches of food for the freezer that just have to be microwaved (our stove/oven is completely out of commission for now). The only really bad thing is that my parents didn't get to see the house all pretty and properly furnished (we're storing all the kitchen stuff in the dining room, so two rooms are completely destroyed at the moment). Oh well, they can see it in its new and improved state when they come up after the baby is born.

About the only other exciting thing we did this week was that we had our first Prenatal Class. It was interesting. I am the farthest along in the class (due about 10 days before the next closest), but since we're taking it rather late, we were expecting that. We learned some stuff about labour and delivery, and watched some very dated, very cheesy videos from the eighties. I'm not sure if there was really any new information for me (I have been doing a lot of online research) but at least now Aaron gets to hear it all too. Next week we get to see the facilities at the hospital, which I am looking forward to.

I have also been feeling a lot better this week - both stomach-wise and in regards to energy levels. I have finally broken down and started taking the Metamucil every night before bed, like the doctor suggested. It's really disgusting, but better than the alternative. I have also cut back my Prenatal Vitamins (as per doctor's orders) to three times a week. I feel much better these days than I have for most of my pregnancy. It's nice to be able to walk to the store and not need a nap when I come home, although I am still sleeping about 10 hours a night. Unfortunately though, as of yesterday, my hemorrhoids have come back with a vengeance, so I'm back on the medication that the doctor prescribed.

My parents came in after dinner last night and we had a quick catch-up session. They brought tons of hand-me-down clothes and other baby paraphernalia from my Aunt (whose youngest is about to turn three). Tomorrow they are driving us back to their place (it will be interesting to see how my bladder and sore back do on a 6-hour car ride), and Saturday I have my first Baby Shower, followed by a family lunch on Sunday and another 6-hour drive back home. I'll definitely have more to write about in my next entry!

I've also included a picture of me at 30 weeks, so you can see how my belly is growing. It's not the greatest picture, but maybe I'll have another to post next week from the Shower. My weight gain still seems to be on track (I'll confirm that at the doctor's visit on Monday) and my belly button is getting closer and closer to becoming an outtie.

Well, guess that's it for now. Until next week,
~ Kaye

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