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Week 33
~ To Epidural or not to Epidural?

Lately I have spent a lot of time thinking about labour. Originally my plan was to beg for an epidural pretty much the second I got to the hospital - after all, if the contractions are as bad as the ones I got before and after my D&C, I'll need it. However, during the past few weeks of Birth Classes I've started to change my mind. They really put a lot of stress on how important it is to stay mobile and how much gravity helps with labour, how epidurals can negatively affect the baby (something not mentioned in my pregnancy books) and how having an epidural increases your chances of having another intervention (not to mention tearing). Plus there's the fact that my next-door neighbour had such a great, easy, complication-free pregnancy without any medication. With these in mind, I think my new plan is to try and go as long as possible without an epidural, and if and when I can no longer take the pain, try and get a light epidural (the one that still allows you to walk). Part of me is really scared of the pain, and yet part of me thinks it can't be worse than pain I've already endured (like the contractions after the D&C). Aaron really supports this plan (he's very anti-medication), but I know ultimately he'd rather see me take the epidural than suffer. Ok, I think we have a plan.

Other than that this week has been pretty unexciting. Our kitchen floor is finished and the kitchen is in full use again. I finally got around to tidying up the baby's room after we got all the new stuff from the shower and my aunt, so it is now ready to go, and the bassinet is in its new home next to our bed. I've also been cleaning the house like crazy trying to prepare for the arrival of my friends this weekend and the baby shower they are throwing here for me. I can't wait to see them. I'm sure they're going to be shocked at how big I've become.

Not too much to report on the baby/pregnancy front, except that I am getting more uncomfortable as the days pass. Baby's kicks and punches are getting more and more powerful and painful, especially when she lodges a foot up under my ribs. Sleep is becoming a precious commodity - I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. Part of it is bathroom trips, but I also often wake up in pain from lying on one side too long (it's hard to get comfortable when you only have two positions to choose from). I'm still walking the dog every day though (or waddling the dog), and hoping to continue as long as possible. I have to admit that at this point I am ready for the pregnancy to be over. Not that I want a premature baby, but I would be quite happy if she chooses to come when she hits full term in a month. Very happy, in fact. (Yeah, I know it's an unrealistic wish for a first baby, but I can hope).

Well, I suppose that that is all for this week. Next week I should have more to report after my shower and doctor's appointment (fingers crossed I've managed to control my weight-gain this time).

Until then,
~ Kaye

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