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Week 35
~ Food Poisoning

Ugh. Well, if Week 34 was the best week of my pregnancy so far, I think that Week 35 has been about my worst. It started off with me continuing to fight last week's cold and it culminated in food poisoning Sunday night. We're not exactly sure what caused the food poisoning (we've narrowed it down to two things), but since Aaron and I ate the same food it must have been that my pregnant body just wasn't up to coping with whatever bacteria I consumed.

After dinner on Sunday I started getting wicked heartburn and just feeling wretched. I went to bed around 10:30, but got up at midnight and threw up. After that I felt so bad that I didn't want to be far from the toilet, so I ended up grabbing my pillow and our fleece comforter and spending the night on the bathroom floor. I tried sipping on water, but couldn't even manage to keep that down. In the morning I felt well enough to go back to bed, and Aaron went in to work just long enough to arrange to work from home for the day. Fortunately I had a doctor's appointment scheduled that morning, and although I brought my bucket along, I didn't need it (there were some close calls though). The doctor didn't seem too concerned. He warned me that I might end up going into labour (my uterus was hard as a rock), but that if I did the baby would be fine, just small. He put me on a Gingerale, Gatorade and Gravol diet for the next two days, and sent me home.

I spent the rest of the day dozing on the couch (thanks to the Gravol) and sipping Gatorade and a bit of flat gingerale (although I found it really acidic and hard to swallow). Monday night I had a burning fever, aches, and tossed and turned all night, but once I popped a couple of Tylenol Tuesday morning I got a solid three hours of sleep (I only wish I'd thought to take them sooner). I spent the rest of Tuesday on the couch watching bad tv and my biggest accomplishment of the day was managing to keep down a cup of beef broth. Wednesday I woke up feeling better, and managed to eat some toast, then some plain pasta, and on Thursday I ate cereal and more carb-rich foods (Eggo waffles and Mac & Cheese).

It's now Friday, and I'm feeling better, although I'm still not feeling hungry. I can eat if Aaron puts food in front of me, but I don't seem to want food otherwise. And, worse, every time I do eat I get the worst heartburn/acid reflux. I'm practically living on Tums at this point.

I have to admit that there's a part of me that's disappointed that I didn't go into labour this week. Yeah, I know it's still too early, but the doctor assured me that the baby would be ok. Admittedly, if labour had started I pretty much would have been guaranteed a C-Section (which I really don't want) because I would have been too weak to try and push on my own, so it's good that it didn't happen (it's also good that baby gets to bake more). But really, I'm so done with being pregnant. Baby is sitting so low right now, I don't think it can be much longer (her highest kicks are level with my belly button). My mother-in-law is going away next week, and is convinced that the baby will come while she's gone - I hope she's right (not to be mean to my MIL, but just to have the baby already!). I know it's early for me to be feeling so fed up with the pregnancy, but between this pregnancy and the last I have been pregnant for 12 out of the last 15 months! I just want to have this baby in my arms and out of my belly already.

All right. I told you it was a bad week. I'll stop complaining now and sign off. Hopefully I'll have better news next week. Needless to say, I did not gain any weight at this week's appointment, and I doubt if I'll have gained any by next week's, although I'm doing my best to force food into myself.

Until next week,
~ Kaye

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