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Week 39
~ Not a Birth Story

Sigh. Well, here it is, the end of Week 39, and I'm still pregnant. My due date is tomorrow, so it looks like I will be going past due (unless a miracle happens sometime later today). It has been another frustrating week. On Friday night my friend who is due the same day as me called and we had a great, long conversation about how frustrated we both were. As of Friday, we both had the same stats (100% effaced, 1 cm dilated, baby at 0 Station, etc) but her doctor had just pushed her due date back four days (poor thing). I felt a lot better after talking to her, just knowing that someone else was going through the same thing as me. Until yesterday. She called me again last night to let me know that she had just given birth to a 7 lb 6oz boy after a mere 8 hours of labour. I am so happy for her, but so jealous too. When will my turn come?

I had my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and found out that I have dilated another cm (for a total of 2), and I lost a pound (also a good sign). The doctor is no longer making any predictions about when the baby will come, but did say fairly confidently "See you next week" at the end of the appointment (note he did not add "if not before"). I also got a prescription for a miserable yeast infection which started on Monday. As if being nine months pregnant isn't uncomfortable enough, try adding that to the mix. I actually had a few days this week of hoping the baby wouldn't be born (a change in attitude, let me tell you), just so that I'd have some time to heal. It wouldn't be a big deal for the baby (she might develop thrush after birth if she's exposed to the infection, but it's easily treatable) but I was just so sore and uncomfortable (not to mention gross) and I really want to be as healthy as possible going into labour. I'm feeling a lot better now, although I'm still on the medication for another four days, so I'm back to hoping she'll come soon.

Really that's about all my news for this week. I had a few more bouts of labour hypochondria, mostly stemming from an energy spurt on Wednesday that saw me clean the kitchen, organize the baby's room (again), do laundry and plant our flower garden. Plus I had diarrhea all day yesterday (yeah, I know, TMI - but it is supposed to be a symptom of labour, which is why I mention it). I really got my hopes up overnight when I was awakened by a really bad contraction at 4 am, however, although I had another at 5 am and another at 6 am, it is now 8:30 am and I haven't felt anything since. They were really strong contractions too, like what I had after my D&C last year, and worse than any I've had so far this pregnancy. Maybe that means things are finally starting to progress?

The only other pregnancy-related thing that happened this week is that I had a friend volunteer to come and help during my labour if I want. She had a baby last year, so she's been through it before, and she knows I don't have anyone besides Aaron coming to support me. I'm not sure if I'll take her up on it - I get pretty withdrawn when I'm dealing with pain - but it's good to know the option is there. I have a feeling Aaron may call her whether I want him to or not, just so that he has a backup for when he needs to go to the bathroom - which is fair enough, I suppose. I doubt I'd regret having her there, and I suppose if it does bother me I can always ask her to leave (or at least wait outside for a bit).

Well, I think that is all for this week. Hopefully my next entry will be a Birth Story (how many times have I written that now?). If I haven't given birth before my next doctor's appointment on Tuesday I plan to ask him to strip my membranes. Hopefully that will get things going. Until then, all I can do is wait and hope.

Wish me luck,
~ Kaye

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