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Week 40
~ Another Week Bites the Dust

40 weeks!Well, as of today I am 6 days overdue, and I am so frustrated it's not funny. I'll warn you now that this entry is probably going to be pretty whiny, since I am having a particularly cranky day thanks to crazy pregnancy hormones (not to mention the frustration of being six days overdue).

I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and found out that I haven't dilated any more (still sitting at 2 cm), but got him to strip my membranes to see if that would speed things along. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped, although I have been spotting and losing copious amounts of mucous ever since (which I find a little weird since I supposedly lost my mucous plug over two weeks ago). The doctor also told me that if I haven't given birth by my next appointment on Wednesday (12 days after my due date) that he will induce me (finally, an end is in sight). He then went on to say that he didn't think it would be necessary, since he was sure I'd have the baby before this weekend. Fortunately I took that with a grain of salt (after all, he's been saying "any day now" for seven weeks), since there's only about another 12 hours left before he's proved wrong yet again. Sigh. I am seriously starting to have doubts about this doctor's competence. Especially since he hasn't ordered any extra tests to see how the baby is doing. From what I've read in other pregnancy journals and heard from friends who went overdue, it seems pretty standard to have an NST or at least an ultrasound to check on baby's health and/or size. I know that there's a margin of error on ultrasound sizing, but I haven't had an ultrasound since January, and if I end up with a C-Section because the baby is too big I will be VERY upset. Grr. I am just so frustrated.

Part of my frustration also stems from the amount of discomfort I am experiencing. Although baby is still at 0 Station (if the doctor can be believed), her butt is now lodged up under my ribcage in a most uncomfortable way. And although I am still walking the dog twice a day, I spend most of the rest of the day napping because I am so exhausted. I realize I am going to be just as tired (if not more) once the baby arrives, but still, I am ready for her to come!

Well, I suppose I should stop my complaining. On the bright side, Aaron has decided that today will be his last day at work (it's easier for him to have a definite end date), so I won't have to worry about him being far away when I go into labour. And at least I can be comforted by the fact that my next entry will definitely be a Birth Story.

Until then,
~ Kaye

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