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Week 11
~ Happy Halloween!

Ella as ScoobyDooThis has been a pretty quiet week, pregnancy-wise, but busy in most other ways. Aaron ended up taking Friday off to help clean up and get ready for the party, and we needed it! We spent all of Friday and Saturday cleaning and had barely got done when the guests started arriving. In fairness, we could have finished earlier, but we decided to give our basement a thorough clean that involved taking a carload of stuff to the Salvation Army (we want to move Ella into her new room around Christmas, which means we have to empty everything in the spare room into the basement, so we thought this was a good time to clear some space).

The party was great. I got Ella's costume done in time and she looked adorable as Scooby-Doo (even if she wouldn't keep her ears on). Aaron went as Shaggy and I went as Velma, also from Scooby-Doo. I've included some photos so you can see. The party was fun, although Ella spent much of the first half in my arms - she refused to go to Aaron - then we realized that his wig was scaring her! Once he took it off she went to him and I got a much-needed break.

We also found out that two of our friends are also expecting - we were all pregnant together the first time around, but out of three pregnancies there only ended up being one baby. Then, when I got pregnant with Ella, we found out my friend who had lost her baby was pregnant and we had the same due date (although she delivered early and I delivered late, so there's almost a month between our kids' birthdays.) This time that friend is due one week before me, and our other friend is due in March. Hopefully this time we're a bit luckier and will go three for three.

halloweenThe only bad thing that happened this week was that as soon as the party was over (literally as the last guests left) I came down with a cold/flu. I spent the last two and a half days burning up with fever and dealing with a sore throat, stuffy nose and even lower energy than normal while pregnant. Fortunately I seem to be on the mend already (maybe thanks to my flu shot?). I swear, if anyone ever invents pregnancy-safe cold medicine they will make a fortune! I was not happy only being able to take Tylenol and drink tea and honey, but at least I'm starting to feel better. I think one more day of rest and fluids should just about do it - good thing too, because next week is already looking busy: I have a friend coming from out of town, then my parents are up for the weekend, then I have plans to go Christmas shopping at a big toy sale, oh yeah, and then there's my ultrasound! Looks like I should have plenty to report on next week.

Until then,

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