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Week 15
~ High Risk and Low Energy

This week I had my first appointment with the High Risk Department. It started with an ultrasound, where I got to see the two babies swimming around. We even got photos of the two of them together. I think seeing them again has helped me come to grips with the whole twins-thing, although I'm still terrified. They weren't able to tell me the sex (to be honest, the tech didn't really look, she thought it was too early) so I have to wait. (Boo!)

Then I had to wait to see the doctor. I had my history taken by the nurse, which took forever, and was complicated by the fact that they didn't have any of my blood work from my family doctor, and finally I got to see the OB/GYN. He seemed nice enough. He's the head of the department, and he doesn't deliver, but he'll be the one seeing me at all my appointments. Basically he said that I'm pretty much only High Risk because they're identical twins (ie. I'm not showing signs of hypertension or anything) and that I have to come in every two weeks for an ultrasound and visit to monitor my progress. He said that I'm ok to maintain normal levels of activity for now, but that he will be curtailing them later (no more lifting Ella or going for walks), and bedrest will depend on how the pregnancy goes. He also wants me to buy a prenatal yoga DVD (any one will do) and start doing it to get my back strengthened for the load it's going to be carrying. Then he was nice enough to book my next appointment in three weeks, so that I'll be 18 weeks and hopefully able to find out the sex of the babies! I can't wait.

All in all I was there for two and a half hours, plus travel time! It's going to be crazy doing that every other week, but it looks like Aaron's mom is going to come and watch Ella for me (she works just down the street from the hospital and has flexible scheduling). Aaron will be coming to the 18 week appointment (hopefully they let him in at the ultrasound from the beginning, but I promised him that I wouldn't let the tech tell me without him present - unlike the whole twins fiasco!)

My other news for this week is that I'm sick again! I got a nasty cold/flu just before Halloween that stuck around forever. I'd only been feeling better for about a week when this one hit. Not only does it feel like I got the same cold back, but I've also been feeling nauseous and unable to eat, and I have no energy whatsoever. I spent most of the weekend resting, and finally ended up at my family doctor yesterday. He checked me for Gestational Diabetes and Gallbladder problems (my right side has been sore), but the blood work came back this morning and it's all clear. He figures I've just caught one or more of the bugs going around because the pregnancy has decimated my immune system. Lucky me.

Fortunately Aaron has been great. He left late for work yesterday to make sure I was ok (good thing, too as he ended up having to clean up after me when I got sick all over the place), then came home and took care of Ella and cleaned the house. Then today he took the day off and took her Christmas shopping so I could get some more rest. I've also been calling on family and friends for help. Aaron's aunt is visiting town and she took Ella yesterday afternoon so I could nap (she also chauffeured us to the doctor), and I have some friends willing to watch her for an hour or so at a time later in the week. In some ways I feel bad that I can't take care of my own daughter, but to be honest, I'm so wiped out right now that even though she mostly plays quietly by herself, I don't have the energy to monitor her. In fact, even typing this entry is taking it out of me, so I think I'm going to sign off for now.

Until next week,
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