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Week 16
~ Halfway to Minimum Bake-Time

That's right, at the High Risk appointment the doctor told me that he would be happy if the babies made it to 33 weeks, because he finds twins born after that have few health problems. And, since I'm at about 16.5 weeks right now, that puts me at halfway there. Now, that doesn't meant that he'll stop me if I go into labour earlier, or that I won't go all the way to 40 weeks (especially with my history - Ella had to be induced at 42 weeks), but still, I'm halfway to two healthy babies. Yay!

Well, I managed to make it through this last week, mostly thanks to help from friends. I was still pretty sick last week, and friends took Ella for half days on Wednesday and Thursday so I could get some rest (and I needed it, let me tell you). I had a friend lined up for Friday as well, but unfortunately Ella got sick that morning, so I had to keep her home with me. Fortunately, though, she wasn't too sick, and she was content to cuddle in my lap for most of the day. I've been feeling better with every day that passes, and we even managed to get some Christmas shopping done on the weekend. It's a good thing I'm finally feeling better, because Aaron woke up sick yesterday, and I've needed all my energy to keep up with Ella and the dog (not to mention chores around the house). He doesn't get sick very often, so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon.

The other thing that has come up this week is a discussion of names. We had said that we weren't going to think about it until we at least knew the sex of the babies (after all, why double our work?), but somehow it ended up coming up. We have one first name for a boy, because it was our alternate name for Ella (just in case the ultrasound was wrong), and I have another name that I think sounds good with it, and that Aaron doesn't hate, that might end up being the other twin's first name, if they're boys. We'd still have to settle on middle names, but at least it's a start. However, when it comes to girl names we're nowhere close. I think it's funny, because we both kind of want the twins to be girls (identical twin boys just sounds scary to me), but we just can't agree on any names - separately or together. I have girls names that I like, but they don't necessarily go together (not that I want them to rhyme, but I'd like them to flow), but I'm not sure that Aaron likes any of them, and I'm not so keen on the ones he's suggested either. Oh well, just ten more days until we (hopefully) find out the sex and then we can start to actually concentrate on names for real.

Other than that there's not much pregnancy news to share this week. I'm still waiting on my IPS results, but the office only calls with bad news, so I figure I'll call them on Friday if I haven't heard since I need them to be forwarded to my OB anyway. I've had a few more pains this week - I've found that if I stretch sideways at all I get a painful twinge across my abdomen. I'm sure it's just growing pains, but I'll mention it to the OB next week. I just seem to have to be careful about overstretching myself, and I can't lay Ella down in her crib anymore, but otherwise it doesn't interfere with my actions too much. I haven't found a prenatal yoga video yet, but I hope to get one when I go shopping on Thursday, and maybe that'll help. The other thing that I have to mention to my OB is that I had a little bit of spotting on the weekend. It was just a tiny bit and pink, not bright red, plus I'm pretty sure I know what caused it - so I'm not really concerned, but I'll mention it to him just in case.

Well, I think that's it for this week. Until next week,
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