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Week 18
~ It's a... It's a...

Well, we had our 18-week ultrasound and the tech was able to tell us without much doubt that we are having two boys. I kind of had a feeling that they would be, both because I wanted girls and because every time I pictured them I pictured two little blond boys. Still, I admit to being a little disappointed. I really wanted Ella to have a sister, like I never had, but I also realize that having twin sisters wouldn't be the same relationship as having a single sister. (I'm also a bit sad that I won't get to re-use any of her cute girl clothes - yes, we can re-use the unisex stuff, but it's not the really cute stuff.) But I also know that boys aren't the end of the world. And, as my mom pointed out, there'll be a lot less PMS in the house this way.

Otherwise the ultrasound went ok. They couldn't see everything they wanted to, but what they did see mostly looked ok. At 15 weeks my placenta had been lying low, but now it has moved up out of the way - so no Placenta Previa for me. Yay! They were a bit concerned that one twin is now almost an ounce heavier than the other (they weigh about 7 and 8 ounces), but hopefully it's just a growth spurt or something. I'm back in two weeks (on New Year's Eve) for another ultrasound to see how things are progressing - hopefully the smaller twin will have caught up by then.

Anyway, now that we know it's boys I've been thinking about decorating. When we found out we were pregnant I bought a bunch of butterfly decals for Ella. The plan then was to move her into the bigger room (which is mauve) and I was going to do all butterflies and pretty stuff, and move the new baby into the nursery, which would remain green and jungle themed, because it's unisex. But, once we found it's twins, the plan changed. Now the twins need the big room, and Ella has to stay in her room. Still, I held off on decorating, because I figured if the twins were girls I would use the butterflies for them, but they're boys, so now I want to do something different.

The problem is Aaron. He doesn't see the point in changing the decor in Ella's room (the butterflies only cost me about $5, so he's not worried about wasting them), even though I want something fresh and different for her. And he really doesn't want to do much in the boys' room. It's so frustrating. At first he argued that the mauve was fine, just because he didn't want to paint. Now, I have a friend who's willing to paint (and has even offered me a tin of turquoisy-blue paint that she has - or we can use the green from Ella's room) and his argument has changed to me being sexist for not putting the boys in a mauve room. Sigh. For me this is one of the most fun parts of the pregnancy - getting the room all decorated for the new babies, and he's sucking all the fun out of it. I understand that I can't paint right now - but I can put up decals and do pretty much everything else, but if we wait too much longer I might not be able to do anything! Grr. Hopefully we can come to some kind of agreement over the holidays. The room's not ready to be painted yet, anyway. We still need to finish emptying it (planned for over the holidays), so I have time to keep working on him.

And speaking of the holidays, I'm almost ready. Sort of. I finished my one and only batch of Christmas cookies yesterday, and I only have three gifts left to get (which will hopefully be done today.) I'm making a gift for Ella, which isn't done yet, but I'm on track to have it done by Christmas Eve. Then I just have to wrap everything and I'll be done. Totally do-able in four days. Oh yeah, plus we have to do our holiday grocery shopping on Christmas Eve - that'll be crazy, but not impossible.

Well, I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and I'll check in again next week,
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