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Week 21
~ Frustration!

This past week has been an incredibly frustrating one, as far as the pregnancy goes. We managed to see a genetic counselor on Friday (a required step in order to get an amnio and see if the cysts they found in the boys' brains are an indicator of Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18.) Well, pretty much everything the genetic counselor said was different from what the OB I saw said. In fact, she said that I don't even qualify for an amnio. First, she said that my risk of Down syndrome was not 1 in 300, but 1 in 1100 - the odds quoted on my IPS (which is really low, considering my age and the fact that I'm carrying twins), and that the cysts don't raise the odds at all. That was the good news. However, she is still concerned about Trisomy 18 because the IPS couldn't test for it because I'm having twins (I didn't even know this - the doctors just said my IPS results were negative, but apparently it only tested for DS, nothing else.) Trisomy 18 would likely show some kind of deformation on an ultrasound (hands, heart, face, etc), and so far they haven't seen any sign of this, but she recommended that I get a Level II ultrasound for a more in depth look at the babies, and, if anything showed up on it, then my OB could make the call on whether he wanted to do an amnio or not. She told us she would fax the ultrasound request to my doctor, and that I would get a call from his office scheduling the Level II ultrasound ASAP.

Really, this was good news. It means that they think that there's less of a chance of something being wrong with the babies than there is of an amnio causing me to go into premature labour. Our chance of the boys having Down syndrome is pretty low (of course they won't completely rule it out) and the chance of them having Trisomy 18 is also probably low (since they haven't seen anything obvious on any of my ultrasounds.) Oh, the genetic counselor also told us that they no longer think that our first baby necessarily had Trisomy 18 because it turns out that the second half of my IPS was done after the baby had died, thus confusing the results. It may have had Trisomy 18, but it also may have had something else entirely; there's no way to know.

Yesterday, however, things got frustrating again. I hadn't heard from the High Risk Department (the one scheduling my ultrasound) so I called them to see what was going on (after all, I was supposed to be scheduled ASAP). They told me that they hadn't received any paperwork from the genetic counselor. On top of that, the receptionist said that I'd have to just come in for my regular appointment on Thursday (which includes a normal ultrasound) and that the OB would decide then whether or not I get to have a Level II ultrasound.

What? Not only do I have to wait an extra week, but I might not even get to have one? I didn't realize it was up for discussion. Considering that there's no risk involved, why not just let me have it and put my mind to rest (or find out that there is something to worry about). Aargh!

Anyway, I called the genetic counselor back and left her a message asking about the paperwork and she eventually called me back and told me that she had faxed everything over to High Risk and that they were going to evaluate the file right away and decide about the Level II ultrasound and, if they decided to give it to me, I'll get it on Thursday instead of the regular ultrasound. I guess this is good, but I don't know if they're going to let me know in advance whether I'm getting the Level II, or if I'll just find out when I get there on Thursday.

Sigh. I just feel like this whole pregnancy has been one big mystery. I know that there's nothing definite about pregnancy, but I just feel like I'm constantly in the dark about what's going on with me and the babies. I suppose I should be happy even if the OB says no to the Level II because it means he doesn't think there's anything wrong with the twins. I just hate not knowing. Realistically, though, I know that even if everything turns out fine with the Level II ultrasound that I'm still not guaranteed two healthy babies - after all, there's a lot of things that can still go wrong with twins (TTTS, premature labour, etc). I guess I just have to wait and see. Sigh.

Aside from all this frustration, the week has been ok. Ella continues to use her potty at least once a day, generally on her own, which is a great start. And she's back to taking naps, which means that I get to nap too (and I need them!) I'm no longer babysitting my neighbour's daughter - she now goes to a friend who is starting up a mini-daycare. It's the same friend who will be taking Ella if I end up on bedrest. So far I haven't really taken advantage of the extra time I have, but there's lots I should be doing. I have a ton of sewing projects I need to finish in the next two months (for the babies, and gifts for friends), plus I'm trying to pre-make some meals for the freezer for my third trimester, and I have some homework for my driving class I need to finish.

Yes, that's right; I'm taking driving lessons (ugh!) See, I got my license back when I was 16, but after an accident I let it lapse. Now that we're going to have twins (and a toddler) I'm going to need to be able to drive again, and the lessons give me a big break on my car insurance (the ones I did way back when I got my original license don't count anymore.) So, here I am in driving classes for the next three Saturdays in a row, then I get to have my in-car lessons, then take my test. Hopefully I can get them all done (and pass the test) before the twins arrive - or before I end up on bedrest, whichever comes first.

Right, well, I guess that's it for this week. Hopefully next week is much less frustrating. Wish me luck with my ultrasound this week.

Until next week,
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