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Week 22
~ A Better Week (At Last)

This week was much less frustrating than the last two. I still don't have any answers, but at least I have an appointment booked. I will be getting my Level II ultrasound on Thursday, and if it turns up any abnormalities I'll get an amnio the following Thursday (if not before). My doctor is pretty confident that the ultrasound will be normal, but he's letting me get it to put my mind at ease (thanks, doc!)

I had a pretty productive week last week - I managed to get a load of chores done and we bought stickers to decorate the twins' room (it's going to be an outer space and aliens theme). We still have to finish emptying the room and paint it (Aaron finally convinced me that we didn't need to paint and then decided that he wanted to paint after all - Men!) We also need to find a dresser for the room. We're going to hold off on a second crib until after the boys come, but I need a dresser so I can start organizing the clothes.

The only bad thing that happened this week was that I missed my driving class on Saturday (and thus extended my misery by another two weeks) because I spent the morning in the Labour & Delivery Triage. I woke up Saturday morning with cramps going across the bottom of my belly. They were coming about every five minutes or so and were about a three (out of 10) on the pain scale. I drank a bunch of water and laid there for half an hour until Ella woke up, but they kept coming. I decided to see if moving around would help, so I got up to Ella and we had breakfast (it was Aaron's morning to sleep in), but another half hour later they were actually getting closer together and a bit more intense, so I called Triage and they told me to come in.

When we got there they took a urine sample, then hooked me up to a contraction monitor and checked my blood pressure and the babies' heartbeats (Baby B played hide and seek, but I wasn't worried because I could feel him.) They left the contraction monitor on me for close to an hour, and at one point the pain got really close together (like every 30 seconds) and went up to about a six on the pain scale, and then it stopped. Eventually a doctor came in and said that nothing had registered on the contraction monitor, and that it was most likely round ligament pain or a UTI - since they haven't called me back to confirm it was a UTI, it looks like it was round ligament pain. While I'm glad that it was nothing serious, the doctor says that I'll probably continue to have them for the rest of the pregnancy (lucky me). I had some with Ella, but they mostly came when I moved suddenly. I've still been getting them the past few days, but much more sporadically, and not they don't hurt quite as much.

I don't know if it's because of the stress, or because I'm so big that I feel like I'm farther along than I should be, but I just want this pregnancy to be over already. On the other hand, while at my appointment on Thursday my mother-in-law (who was watching Ella for me) ran into a friend who's wife had just had their twin boys at 29 weeks. That's only seven weeks from now! (They're ok, by the way.) But we are so not ready to have the boys here in seven weeks. Guess I'll just have to keep hanging in there. I'd like to go to 37 if I can (but not past that, really.) At least I know I won't go to 42 like I did with Ella

The other thing I've been working really hard on this week is my diet. At last week's weigh-in I had gained 6 lbs (in 2 weeks!) for a total of 23 for the pregnancy. Now, I know I'm carrying twins, but since I'm unlikely to gain only 1 lb a week (more like 2), that sets me up to gain another 30 lbs in the coming 15 weeks. Yikes! That would be 53 lbs total - and that's assuming I don't gain more than that. So this week I've worked very hard at watching what I'm eating and not giving in to every little craving. I'm not starving myself. I'm not even eating less; I'm just eating better. I've kind of let the whole twins thing ruin my self-control, so from now on it's back to salad instead of fries, veggies at every meal, and milkshakes and cookies only as an occasional treat (not a daily indulgence.) Hopefully that will slow down my crazy weight-gain and make the weight easier to lose when the pregnancy's done. I was really good with Ella because my hypoglycemia was so bad, but there's just been nothing to keep me in check this time, so I'm going to have to rely on my own strength of will. Wish me luck.

Well, I suppose that's it for this week. Next week I'll have more news to share because I'll have the results from the Level II ultrasound (and hopefully my worries will be put to rest.)

Until next week,
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