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Week 24
~ The Third Trimester Approaches...

This week has brought a change to some of my pregnancy symptoms, which has served to remind me that the third trimester is not that far away. For starters, my belly has begun to feel heavy. I'm not sure if the twins have just changed positions, or gone through a growth spurt, or what, but my belly is actually weighing me down these days. I also think someone in there is dancing on my bladder, because the urge to go now comes often and suddenly. And no matter how many Kegels I do, I still have to brace myself for a sneeze or else.

I'm also starting to lose energy again (not that I ever had a lot). It could be the lack of sleep, but it seems to take less and less activity to wear me out. Yesterday I did a bit of cleaning and ended up spending the rest of the morning on the couch. Crazy.

And then there's the lack of sleep. I can only last so long on my right side before my arm falls asleep and my hip starts to scream. So then I roll over to my left, and get even less time there because the weight of the babies is more on the right side of my belly and it's just uncomfortable. Not to mention the ten bazillion bathroom trips.

And last, but certainly not least, is the return of my old nemesis: constipation. I've been really good this pregnancy; I eat high fibre breakfast cereal and I snack on prunes, and I drink my water, but it's just not enough. As of this week I've added extra fruit to my breakfast, a salad to my lunch every day, extra veggies at dinner and I drink a Metamucil every other day (ugh!) I know I have to take care of this, because wherever constipation lurks his evil henchman hemorrhoids can't be far away. I'll do just about anything to avoid those - I had them with Ella and they were awful. Worse, they didn't go away until she was almost a year old. I do NOT want to go through that again!

In other pregnancy-related news, Aaron and I have hired a doula for the birth. She's a friend of a friend, and just starting out (so she's giving us a great deal on price). I'm not really sure that we needed a doula, but we did want someone there at the birth with us so that Aaron can leave to go to the bathroom (or make phone calls, or whatever) without leaving me alone, and there's no one I would feel comfortable asking as a friend (the friend who did it last time is pregnant herself right now and due in March, so, unavailable.) And this doula is allowed in even during a C-Section (a real possibility with twins). That would mean that Aaron could go with the babies and I would still have someone with me while I was being stitched up. I suppose my only worry is that she may try to talk me out of pain relief when I want it. I've already told her that I want an epidural (and from what I understand, I actually have to have one in case of an emergency C-Section), and she's good with that, but I just hope she doesn't try and make me wait longer than I want.

I've also realized this week that I don't know much about my OB/hospital's procedures for twin births. I've read a lot online and in books, and they all seem to agree on a few things (like having to deliver in an operating room and having to get an epidural, etc) so I can't see why my hospital would be different, but I don't actually know for sure. I also don't know what the policy is for C-Sections (will I be allowed a chance at a vaginal birth no matter what position the higher baby is in, so long as the lower is head down, or do they both have to be positioned correctly?) And is there even a policy, or will it depend on who's on duty? (my OB doesn't deliver.) These are things I need to start asking - but somehow something else always seems to come up at the appointments. And even if I don't agree with their policy, is there anything I can do? This is the only hospital in town that does high risk births, so do I even have options? Sigh. What I wouldn't give for a nice, normal, singleton pregnancy.

Oh well, I guess I can ask these on Thursday at my appointment. I'm a bit nervous again because of the discrepancy in the boys' weights last time. But there's nothing I can do but wait and hope it was just a growth spurt. We'll see on Thursday.

The other thing we're still working on is names. We went through a book and made lists of names we like, but there's not a lot we can agree on. Neither of us want popular names, but there's only so many boy names out there. And with twins we have to consider how they sound together, not to mention how they sound with Ella's name. I really don't want the names to start with the same letter, or to rhyme (if you have twins and chose to name them this way that's fine, but it's just not what I want.) Unfortunately the two names Aaron likes best are similar, and although they don't technically start with the same letter they start with the same sound. I don't want to reveal the names (we're keeping the secret for the big day), but it would be like Felix and Phillip - too similar for my liking, for identical twins. Anyway, we're going to look through another name book tonight and start new lists and see if anything new comes up (not to mention what makes the list again). Wish us luck. I'm sure we'll eventually come up with something . . . hopefully before the boys are born!

Well, I guess that's it for this week. Keep your fingers crossed that my ultrasound looks good this week. I'm sure I'll have lots to relate next week.

Until then,
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