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Week 25
~ Into the Breech

This week has been a fairly uneventful one. I had my usual ultrasound and OB appointment and found that the babies are both about 1 lb, 12 oz, which is great news - apparently I am no longer at risk for Severe Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (it's based on when in the pregnancy it starts). I could still end up with moderate or mild (or whatever the other designations are), but they have a much better chance of recovery from those. Yay!

The ultrasound also revealed that both babies are footling breech. In fact, they were so intertwined that the tech had trouble telling whose feet were whose. The nurse told me that I probably have until about Week 30 before they run out of room to turn themselves (not that it's impossible, but definitely less likely), and we'll start talking C-Section then. I'm really hoping that I don't have to have a C-Section, although, I suppose it's better than delivering one and having an emergency C for the other! The boys were moving around a lot yesterday though (someone was kicking my spine for awhile), so I'm hoping that they didn't settle back into their breech positions. Guess we'll find out next week at the next ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

My parents came for a visit this past weekend and helped Aaron paint the boys' room. We decided on a light grey for the bottom and dark grey for the top (separated by a chair rail). The dark grey is a little more blue-toned than we'd like, but it still looks great. I can't wait to put up the cute alien decals.

Aaron still has to paint the baseboards and install the chair rail, and then we'll be able to start putting furniture in the room. Ella has been sleeping in the big girl part of her bed this week, almost as though she knows we're going to be taking the crib away soon. And a friend is loaning us a dresser for the boys' room, so soon I'll have somewhere to put all the newborn clothes my parents just delivered. Things are finally coming together!

Another step I finally took this week was joining the local Multiple Births Association. I've been putting it off, partly out of denial (I can't be having twins!) and partly out of superstition (didn't want to jinx it when the doctors kept telling me things could go wrong), but I finally bit the bullet and joined. Of course, finding out that the Twins Sale is coming up the first week in March may have been part of my motivation (ok, all of it). Now I just have to hope I get my membership card before then!

I guess that's about it for this week. I've been fighting a lousy cold for the past few days, but I think it's finally on it's way out. Tomorrow I have to go for my Glucose Test in the morning, and Aaron has his Driver's Test in the afternoon - wish us both luck! Assuming Aaron passes we'll soon be shopping for minivans (lucky us!)

Hope you all have a great week. Until next week,
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