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Week 26
~ Mini-Babymoon

Kaye at 26 weeksThis weekend Aaron and I got to go on a mini-babymoon. Aaron's mom watched Ella, while Aaron and I went downtown for a nice Valentine's dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant. Then we bought some fancy desserts from a bakery and took them back to the hotel we were staying at. The next morning we shopped around downtown and then went to see a matinee of CATS (we got the tickets for Christmas). It was a great little break, and the first time we've both been away from Ella overnight (and only the second time I've been away from her overnight).

This week has been pretty quiet, baby-wise. The boys are moving around like crazy. I'm hoping that that means that at least the lower twin is no longer breech, but I guess we'll see on Thursday. I've been having some minor cramps/Braxton-Hicks, and my belly feels like there's bowling balls inside it, but otherwise things haven't been too bad.

I'm a little afraid of what the scale is going to say on Thursday, after all the Valentine's sweets I've been eating. I think I may finally hit the 30 lb mark this week. Sigh. That's what I gained for Ella's whole pregnancy, and I still have at least 10 weeks left. Mind you, since I started Ella's pregnancy 10 lbs heavier than this one, I still haven't actually hit the weight I was when I had her. I would like to be able to finish this pregnancy around the same weight, but unless I go really early I don't think that'll happen. Sigh. Yes, I know I'm having twins and that the weight gain is important for them, but I feel huge and uncomfortable and just want to be back to my normal self. I've included a belly photo from this week so you can see how big I am.

Kaye at 26 weeksI've been having some issues with hormones this week, as well. Ella and I were both sick with colds last week and that just added to my all around grouchiness. On Friday she refused to nap (which meant I didn't get a nap or any kind of break) and I kind of lost it. I ended up bawling my eyes out for almost an hour. I was just stressed about having twins (I'm still not completely adjusted to the idea) and I'm wondering how I'll ever manage to cope. The house was a disaster, I hadn't done any laundry all week, I was exhausted and I just thought - if I'm this bad with one, what's life going to be like with three? Plus, I'm still stressed over all the things that could still go wrong with this pregnancy. As much as I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over, I'm terrified of the babies being really premature. And I'm also scared of having to have a C-Section - I really don't want major surgery, let alone one I have to be awake for! Aaaah!

I think the babymoon helped, though, because this week has been going better so far. I still have all the fears from above, but I'm trying not to dwell on them so much. And I'm physically feeling better, and I've gotten some of the chores done around the house (plus my mother-in-law did a bunch of cleaning while she was minding Ella), so I'm feeling a bit more in control.

Well, I guess that's it for this week. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week after my doctor's appointment. I should get my GTT results this week (I'm not too worried), but I'm curious to see how my blood pressure's doing - last appointment it was a bit high, and I know they're watching me carefully for signs of pre-ecclampsia. Well, I'll let you know how everything goes.

Until next week,

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