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Week 27
~ Peachy Keen, Jellybean

This has been a pretty good week! My ultrasound and OB appointment on Thursday couldn't have gone better. Both the twins have moved into vertex positions! If they'll only stay that way, I'll have a good chance of avoiding a C-Section (which I'm terrifired of) and of getting to attempt a vaginal birth! The twins are also growing right on schedule. Twin A is 2 lbs, 5 oz and Twin B is 2lbs, 3 oz. The doctors aren't worried about the size discrepancy for now since their amniotic fluid levels are good. They'll continue to monitor them, but things look good for now. Also, my cervix is long and closed, so I shouldn't be going into premature labour anytime soon. I also got my Glucose and iron test results and everything looks great! And my blood pressure measured right where it should be: 110/70. Woohoo! I think this was the most positive appointment I've had so far.

We've also finally managed to get the twins' room ready. The crib is set up and the dresser is full of clothes (although I still have more to wash). We still need to empty one of the closets and put up some shelves in it, and we can't put up our wall stickers for another two weeks (the paint needs to cure), but the room is otherwise ready for babies. Scary.

And it's a good thing too. I officially start the third trimester in two days, and the babies could come at any point. I'm hoping they'll hold off until about 37 weeks (Full-Term for twins), and not too much later, but I know that twins are pretty unpredictable. We're just trying to be ready for whenever they do decide to make their appearance. My goal is to pack my hospital bag sometime in the next week or two, just in case, and now that the room is ready we're in pretty good shape.

We don't have any diapers yet, but that should be taken care of this weekend. My friends are throwing me a "food and diapers" baby shower, where everyone brings either a meal for the freezer or some diapers for the baby. I think it's a great idea. Even though we're having twins we have most of the baby equipment we need (we're getting a lot of hand-me-downs), but we're going to need a ton of diapers. And meals for the freezer are really going to come in handy, both in the third trimester and after the babies are born. I remember with Ella's pregnancy I was so tired by the last month or two it was an ordeal to cook - and I wasn't looking after a toddler all day then, plus I was a lot smaller last time around.

And speaking of size, I've officially passed the 30 lb mark (and then some.) I know it's for the good of the babies, but it's hard seeing those numbers on the scale climbing higher and higher. I'm definitely going to pass the weight I was at with Ella (my highest ever), and I'm probably going to hit the 50 lb mark before these boys are born, unless they come really early. Sigh. All I can do is try and eat healthfully and hope the weight goes away afterwards (easier said than done, since I'm still having cravings just about every day!)

Well, I suppose I should sign off for now. I have a lot of chores to do this week before the shower (it's at my house), and I need to balance that with lots of rest, since I'm already feeling that third trimester exhaustion, which is increased by how hard it is to sleep these days. Guess I should go do some cleaning . . . or maybe I'll start with a nap . . .

Until next week,
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