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Week 30
~ The Big 3-0

Weeks, that is. I'm just so happy to have made it this far. I am at least 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy, if not more (ok, hopefully more). The next milestone for us is 33 weeks, which is when the doctor said the twins probably wouldn't have any lasting effects from being premature. I'm still hoping to hang on until 37 or so, but I'll settle for anything after 33.

Which brings me to the excitement of the week: another trip to Triage. Last week I was having a lot of menstrual-like cramping--if I hadn't known better I would have thought I was about to get my period. Then on Wednesday I went to the bathroom and found a mucous-y discharge. I knew it wasn't my whole mucous plug, but I figure it was part of it. I had this starting in Week 37 with Ella, about when I started dilating. Then I started to have a lot of pain and pressure behind my pubic bone.

Now, as much as the doctors keep stressing to be on the watch for signs of early labour, I've been pretty good about not jumping to conclusions. I mean, if I went to Triage every time I had one of the symptoms on the "Pre-Term Labour Warning Signs" sheet they gave me I'd be there every day. But, since this seemed to be multiple symptoms, and since I didn't have a doctor's appointment last week, I decided to call Triage. After all, the last thing I want was to be slowly dilating for a week and not find out until it was too late to stop it. So I called Triage, and they told me to come in.

Well, I spent a long time on the monitors, but I wasn't having any contractions. The doctor then decided to do an fFN test which is a swab which checks for a protein (or something) and if it's negative, then you won't go into labour within the next two weeks. They said there are a lot of false positives, so a positive wouldn't guarantee I was going into labour, but they would then treat me as if I was (and give me steroid shots, etc) and figure out where to go from there. They also checked and found out that I am 1 cm dilated. Well, fortunately the fFN test came back negative, which means that I have a two week guarantee of no labour! Yay!

So it looks like maybe I'm just slowly starting to get ready for birth. They'll do another ultrasound to check my cervix at this week's ultrasound/OB appointment, and we'll know then for sure. If it goes as slowly as Ella's, it won't be too bad. I was losing mucous and slowly dilating with her for five weeks before they induced me! On the other hand, I'm so tired these days that if they decide to put me on bedrest for a few weeks I might actually welcome the break.

Ella has been disturbing a lot overnight, so between her and pregnancy discomforts (difficulty getting comfortable, sore back/hips/shoulders, and getting up to pee three or four times) I've not been getting much sleep. Aaron's been helping as much as possible, but it's hard because he has to work. Also, he's been worn down so much that he got sick this week, which hardly ever happens. I swear we just keep trading the same cold back and forth, so keep your fingers crossed that I don't get it back this time.

Somehow we still managed to get some chores done this week. We put up the alien stickers in the boys' room, which means that it's done except for hemming and hanging the curtains, something I should manage to get done this week. I also finished Ella's curtains and switched her decor over to the butterflies that I bought months ago. She finally has a big girl room, and it looks great. We also managed to do a bit of improvement on our own room, although it still needs a major clean-up and some TLC. We'll see if that gets done before the babies get here. At least there's enough room in there right now for the playpen (which will be acting as a bassinet).

Oh, and the other exciting news for this week, is that I think we may have decided on first names for the boys (although we still have to hammer out spelling). We're not telling anyone until the big day, so I'll just have to leave you guessing. We also have a short list of middle names, but we're not too close to picking those just yet. In fact, we're not even sure if we're doing two or three names for each of the boys (although we'll probably do the same for both). Aaron doesn't want to decide on the names until after the twins are born, but I don't really want to make that important a decision while sleep-deprived and in pain. (On the other hand I might get more sway in picking the names after birth because he'll feel sorry for me ). Oh well, we'll see how it goes. With Ella we ended up picking a probable name before she was born, but knew we could change it if she didn't seem to suit it when we saw her. Of course, we ended up going with the name we picked, so maybe Aaron is just trying to keep his options more open.

Well, I suppose I should sign off for this week. I'm looking forward to my ultrasound/OB appointment this week to see if I'm effacing at all, and just generally find out what's going on. This also may be the last of my two-week appointments, because sooner or later I'm being moved to once a week. I'm also excited to see what positions the boys are in. My guess is both head down with Baby B (the one on the left) below Baby A, but we'll see. Stay tuned for more details . . . same Bat-day, same Bat-channel.

Until then,
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