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Week 31
~ The End Is Near

This week I had another great ultrasound/OB appointment. My cervix is still closed tight, so I shouldn't be going into labour anytime soon. The boys are both head down, and A is still lower. They seem to be doing fewer flips these days too, so hopefully they'll stay head down so I can get my vaginal birth and avoid the dreaded C-Section! Baby A measured in at 3 lbs, 9oz and B at 3 lbs 14oz. It's the first time that A has measured smaller, but the tech was also having trouble getting an accurate measurement because of how low he is in my pelvis. The doctor wasn't worried about the size discrepancy because their fluid levels are still good. He did say, though, that after 34 weeks, if anything comes up at an appointment (low/high fluid, larger size discrepancy, etc) that they would induce me there and then. He also said that they would definitely induce me at 37 weeks if I make it that far. That means I have 2-5 weeks left in this pregnancy (since I'm almost 32 weeks today). Crazy!

This week we also went to a Multiple Birth Association playdate and got to meet other parents of multiples. I spent most of my time talking to two couples who had 5-month-old and 3-month-old boy-girl twins. They both agreed that the first three months are crazy, but it does get better. The couple with the 5-month-old twins also have a two-year-old girl, so we're in very similar circumstances. It was nice to talk to people who've been there and I'm starting to feel a bit more reassured. Aaron spent his time talking to parents of older multiples (while he supervised Ella), and they pretty much all agreed that the first year is the hardest. But it does get better.

The bad news from this week is that Ella and I have come down with nasty colds. Mine has taken the form of a sore throat, nasal congestion and lack of energy (like I had any to spare), plus I've been experiencing Braxton-Hicks. But Ella's is so much worse. She has a runny nose and a wicked wet cough that keeps causing her to throw up. She also has a bit of a fever. Poor little thing. We're trying to keep her medicated on Tempra/Baby Advil to help the fever, and I'm going to keep her on easier to digest foods today and see if it helps. The only good news is that she finally cut her last two teeth. Now we only have the molars left, and I'm hoping they hold off for a little longer (although I don't really want them coming when the twins are just newborn either).

Well, I suppose that's all my news for this week. I'm so excited to know the end is in sight. I'm still having trouble sleeping, although we borrowed a 2 inch thick foam mattress for the top of our bed and it's made a huge difference. I still have to keep changing positions overnight, but at least I'm not waking up in so much pain. I'm also about at the end of my maternity wardrobe. Most of my shirts, even the Extra-Larges, don't manage to cover my belly anymore. I have two jumpers that I can wear over top of other shirts and which keep me covered, but I look huge - like I'm wearing a tent! Oh well, only 2-5 more weeks to go!

Think I'll see if Ella will let me have a nap and see if I can kick this cold (again). I swear we just keep passing the same cold back and forth in our house. I can't wait until the nice weather comes and I can air out the house (not to mention wear slip-on shoes, go out without having to bundle up, etc). Come on, spring! Hope you all have a great week.

Until next week,
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