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Week 34
~ Almost Done!

Well, one more week down, less than two to go. And it really can't happen soon enough. Things were a bit different at this week's ultrasound and OB appointment, but it still went well. Apparently they don't measure the babies any more, they just check to see that they have enough fluid (they do) and do a biophysical profile (which assesses such things as practicing breathing - we scored 8/8 for both boys). The boys are still head down (yay!) and the doctor doesn't think that Baby A will be changing position any time soon (double yay!). The doctor also confirmed that April 21st will be my last appointment, and that if I make it that far he'll schedule an induction (can I get a "Woohoo!"). He also said that he thinks I'll go on my own before then, but I think my history says otherwise. Guess we'll see who's right.

I have to say, I'm so ready to be done. The pregnancy symptoms just keep coming - aside from the lack of sleep, heartburn, tight skin, Braxton-Hicks, and everything else I've already complained about in other journals, I can now add stretch marks, swollen feet (I'm down to my last pair of shoes, and they barely fit) and general achiness, exhaustion and inability to move (seriously, I all but need a forklift to get out of a chair these days, let alone roll over in bed). I also still have my sore throat and sinus gunk, although fortunately my swab came back negative for Strep. They actually did my Strep B test that day as well, so I can officially say I'm free of Strep A & B. I'm glad I don't need antibiotics (for either) but I just wish this cold would go away. As if being this pregnant isn't uncomfortable enough!

As for Ella, her rash has disappeared. The doctor said that it could have been a reaction to the penicillin or a viral rash, but either way it was nothing to worry about for either her or the babies. She's still got a bit of a nasty cough, but she's doing a lot better. Now if only I could convince her to sleep in past 6 am, or at least to nap . . .

This week brought a few more signs that the babies are coming soon. Friday I had back pain all day. I haven't had too much back pain with this pregnancy, and it felt different than any I have had, so we were definitely wondering if I was in back labour. But, 11 hours after it started, it disappeared again, so obviously it wasn't. I'm glad, too, because if that was anything like back labour, I really don't want to experience it. Unfortunately Baby A is currently "sunny-side-up" so I could still be in for it!

Anyway, I guess maybe that shocked Aaron into realizing these babies could come any day, because he went into total nesting mode over the weekend. At his instigation we cleaned our bedroom, then he did a ton of laundry and cooked some food for the freezer. It was cute seeing him nest. I was too tired to do much, but I watched Ella and helped when I could.

Well, I guess that's about it for this week. I'm looking forward to this morning - Aaron's aunt (via his grandmother) is treating me to a pedicure, so my toes will be all nice and shiny for labour. Plus a little leg massage will feel great. I haven't had polish applied since before Christmas, and while Aaron has been nice enough to trim my nails a few times, you can imagine how nasty my toes are looking these days. I'd like them to be in decent condition for when I can finally see them again. Now I just have to decide what colour polish I want . . .

I'm also looking forward to what should be my second last (if not last) doctor's appointment. I don't know if they plan on stripping my membranes or doing anything else to get things going, but I guess I'll see on Thursday.

Well, I suppose that's it until next week, when I write what should be my last journal entry (not counting the birth story, of course). It's hard to believe this time has already come, and yet, I am so ready.

Until then,
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