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Week 35
~ Two More Days...

. . . until the induction is booked! I can't wait. So at last week's appointment the OB said that on Thursday he'll do an internal exam (my first this pregnancy, not counting the one in triage a few months ago). If I am starting to efface and dilate then he'll strip my membranes and delay the induction for 24 or 48 hours to give me a chance to go on my own. If, however, I'm still closed up tight he'll just schedule the induction ASAP. I'm pretty sure I'll be closed tight, but now I'm actually kind of hoping for it, just to get this over with sooner. I mean, I was induced with Ella, so I know how it feels, and I'm pretty sure that even if they strip my membranes I still won't go on my own (they stripped them twice with Ella to no avail). Guess we have to wait and see on Thursday.

The other news from the last appointment is that the boys are measuring at 6 lbs, 1 oz and 5 lbs, 6 oz (I know, they said they weren't going to measure them anymore, but we had extra time so the tech did it anyway). The measurements are pretty unreliable at this stage, because the boys are so squished in there, but my tech said she's usually on the conservative side - so we're probably looking at 6 to 7 lb babies. Madness! They also did a 3D ultrasound and I got to have a sneak peak at what the boys will look like when we meet them.

35 weeksI am just so excited to be done with this pregnancy. This week brought two more lovely symptoms. First, my hemorrhoids are back with a vengeance (boo!) so I am back on the suppositories. I'm hoping to get them under control before I aggravate the area again with labour. And second, I've developed this nasty, itchy rash below my bellybutton where my stretch marks are, which is slowly spreading across the rest of my belly. I first noticed it the night after my last appointment, and I've been putting off going back in to get it checked. From what I've read online it sounds like PUPPPs, which means they can give me cream, but the rash is not harmful to the babies and it won't go away until after birth, so why waste a day at the doctor's? I just want to be done and get my body back (by which I don't just mean be skinny again, but to be able to walk more than 10 feet without my legs aching, to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded, to be able to roll over in bed in one easy movement, heck, even to be able to wash the dishes without banging my belly on the sink!) I've included some photos so you can see just how crazy this 35 Week pregnant body looks!

This past weekend Aaron and I had our last date day/night for what will likely be a long while (well, unless we're still waiting for the induction call on Friday, then we'll probably get someone to watch Ella and sneak in one more). Aaron's mom took Ella for the day and we went for a fast food lunch and to see a matinee, then came home for a rest, then went out to a nice dinner. It felt great to get the break, but I missed Ella. I hope I don't have to spend too much time in the hospital away from her. This morning Aaron's grandma took Ella to a playgroup so I can have another rest. The quiet house is bliss, and something I likely won't experience again for a while.

35 weeksI think we are as physically prepared for the twins as we can be. Our house is tidy, our freezer is stocked, the room is set up, and diapers are at the ready. My parents are going to drive up on Friday (they'll probably get in around 3ish). Aaron's last day of work will be Thursday - he's not planning on coming to the appointment with me, but he'll have the hospital bag in the car and be ready to leave at a moment's notice if we do go right in on Thursday. I know with Ella's birth we were next in line for a non-emergency induction and it still took 3 days to get the call because they were busy. I'm hoping things happen a bit more quickly this time. In fact, I would be ecstatic if I didn't have to leave the hospital on Thursday, but we can only wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Well, I think that's about it for what should be my last journal entry (seriously, I better have these babies within the week!). The next time you hear from me it will be a birth story. Thank you all for following my pregnancy journey. It's been chaotic, but we're almost there!

Hope you all have a Happy Easter. I know I can't wait to meet my two little bunnies.


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