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Week 8
~ Food, Glorious Food

I swear it will be a miracle if I don't gain 50 lbs with this pregnancy. As I mentioned before, I haven't been very sick this time around. In fact, I pretty much only feel queasy first thing in the morning and if I go too long without eating - which, of course, means I snack all day long. Not only that, but it takes almost nothing to set off a craving. Watching tv is the worst. And I don't just mean the ads, although they're bad enough. Last week the characters on a show I watch ordered in Chinese food, and, of course, I had to too. It doesn't even have to be a real picture of food - I don't know how many burgers I've eaten thanks to Spongebob's Krabby Patties! It's just unbelievable. Last pregnancy the only cravings I had were for beef, especially steak. This time I guess it's a lot of beef things too, but more specific (must. eat. tacos.) And last pregnancy I had the hypoglycemia to keep me eating healthy, while this time there's nothing (so far) to stop me from eating all the sweets that I want (although I guess it was about this time last pregnancy that it developed, so maybe I shouldn't talk just yet.)

Aside from the cravings there's not much to report. Next week I have a pre-natal appointment with my family doctor - I'm switching to a new OB/GYN for this pregnancy and I don't meet her until early November. Also, it looks like we're going to tell Aaron's family about the pregnancy this weekend. I'm really showing now, so we can't hide it any more. To be honest, I'm not sure how Aaron's mom hasn't figured it out yet, but maybe she's just too polite to ask. I'm not sure when we'll tell my family. I'd like to tell them in person, but they live out of town, so it looks like we may have to tell them over the phone, or risk having them find out via someone else (darn Facebook).

I guess that's it for this week. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week after my doctor's appointment and the big revelation.

Until next week,

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