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Week 9
~ Energy Crisis

This week I've been feeling a bit better and had more energy, but I've totally been using it all up. It has been a pretty busy week for me. I spent a lot of my free time last week making a cake for Aaron's Grandmother's birthday (I've gotten into cake decorating since Ella was born and love it!). It was really fun to do, but it took up a couple of days worth of spare time (which meant less time for resting). Then on the weekend Aaron and I installed most of our kitchen's backsplash (we still have about a third left to do next weekend) and that exhausted me too - although it was nice to have enough energy to do it in the first place. We're hoping that we can get our kitchen finished before our Halloween party, but that's only a week and a half away. It should look ok, (and it'll definitely be usable), but we'd like to have it completely done to show off to everyone. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

Today I went to my doctor's appointment. Normally I walk to the office, which is about 40 minutes away, but despite how much better I've been feeling I decided to take the bus most of the way and just walk the last 10 minutes - big mistake! That 10 minute walk took me closer to 25, and I was exhausted when I got there. The nurse and doctor were all concerned and quizzed me on my eating habits and made me promise to take the bus the full way home (trust me, there was no argument from me, I was beat). But otherwise the appointment went ok. I gained 4 lbs in four weeks, which doesn't surprise me, considering the way I've been eating. In fact, I was expecting at least five, so I'm better off than I thought I'd be. I also had to have a pap (ugh!), which the doctor said looked fine. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat because the doctor said that at nine weeks he might not be able to find it and he didn't want me stressing until my ultrasound in two weeks. That makes sense, especially since a missing heartbeat was how we found out about the missed miscarriage, but I'm still disappointed. Oh well, only two more weeks until the ultrasound. Yay!

I think that's about all my news for this week. Next week is also going to be a busy one as I try and finish up Ella's Halloween costume (not to mention finish up the kitchen), but I promise to try and rest more and not push myself so hard.

Until next week,

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