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Entry 1
Soccer, Snowstorms, and Steroids?!

Ah, the quiet moments of the day. The kids are all up in their rooms for quiet/nap time and I get about an hour of peace to myself. I get to sit with some popcorn and today I reflect on the current events in our lives! I was making out our calendar for the month of April and I was again struck with how much school busies up our lives. There is an upcoming spring concert, class pictures, parent helper days, and other little activities here and there. Also we are busy with soccer. This is Ella's fourth season and Owen's first. They actually get to be on the same team for this season only. It is so much fun to watch them both. Ella has really grown as a player and is actually quite good. Owen is obviously brand new. He loves to watch his feet and his shadow when he runs instead of watching the ball. But they both love playing and we actually enjoy going to practices and games.

This brings me to part two of my title! Last week we had a big spring snowstorm. School was canceled on Friday much to all of our joy--LOL! Unfortunately the first soccer game was also canceled, much to our disappointment. But our philosophy is that when life gives you snowstorms--make snowmen! We ended up with about a foot of much needed heavy, wet snow. It was perfect for making a big snowman complete with a banana mouth! However, we are in Colorado which means the snow has already completely melted. Poor Frosty fell over by the end of the day and disappeared the next. I don't mind the spring snowstorms because I know they will melt quickly. I can't help but look forward to the warmer weather, though. I'm already dreaming of our vegetable garden and all the fun we'll get to have this summer not being "tied down" to any sort of a schedule. I also have no doubt that next August I'll be wishing for the first day of school to hurry up!

Ella is our "pioneer" and the first of our children to enter school. I have struggled a lot this year with all sorts of guilt and frustration with my lack of involvement in her school. As Ella started school, Lilly was born about a week after the first day. Then Owen started preschool about a week after that. It was a chaotic time trying to get used to all sorts of new routines. I struggled with nursing Lilly at first not to mention getting the two older kids to school and home. Throw in potty training Connor beginning at Christmas break and I have had a full plate! Thankfully Ella is a very adaptable kid and has loved school and been enthusiastic as well as flexible with everything that has been thrown in her direction. We are so blessed to have her as our first child!

I'm sure you're wondering where the steroids come in to play! Well, poor little Lilly has just come through a case of croup. About a month ago she also had a bout of RSV. So the doctor decided to put her on a 5 day course of steroids to get her through the croup and hopefully kick out all this yucky respiratory junk she keeps getting. Having a baby on steroids is anything but fun. The meds made her (and all of us) miserable. I have heard my friends talk about their kids acting crazy on steroids and now I have experienced it myself! She was inconsolable, grumpy, and dare I say, angry! Her little hands would ball up into tight fists and she would just scream. She would hardly eat which became even more worrisome! I'm happy to report that she is off the steroids and returning to her old self a little more each day. I can't seem to keep her fed enough right now which is a good thing. Lilly is very small and slow to gain much weight in her short life. So to have her eating and extra hungry right now is great. I am hoping she gains back what she lost on on the steroids and then some!

I am dreaming of warmer weather and healthy little ones for the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

~ Katie

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