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Entry 10 ~ August 31, 2009
Ones and Tens

Lilly turns 1>Here we are a week and a half into first grade, and it's not exactly what I expected. For starters, I really thought I would miss Ella more. I know that sounds horrible, but let me try to explain it! All summer I dreaded the thought of not having Ella around all day with me. I always enjoy being with her. She's not a high maintenance kid, so she always has a good time with whatever we're doing. I was sad at the thought of "sharing" her with her teacher. But so far, I have really loved my time with the boys and Lilly. The days have gone smoothly and it seems like we barely blink and Ella is on her way home. I also like not having to pick her up at lunch time every day. It's so nice to just go pick her up (or she gets dropped off by the family we carpool with) in the afternoons usually after nap time. And I'm even more spoiled than that; Randy gets off work in time most days to pick her up and bring her home. I definitely like this full day schedule! But that will all change soon when Owen starts preschool three mornings a week. Oh well, nothing lasts forever!

The other thing I didn't expect was Ella's reaction to school. Whenever anyone (family or friends) ask her how she likes first grade so far, she tells them she doesn't like it! What?!? Is this really coming from my easy going, social daughter?!? She states that there's too much work to do and other random complaints. I am working on getting to the bottom of this. I believe it's part tiredness, part loneliness (she only has one other classmate from kindergarten in her class this year), and part taking after me. I don't like change a whole lot and neither does Ella. So adjusting to a new routine, new teacher, and new classmates has definitely been harder on her. I am just praying that she begins to have a better attitude and a better experience soon.

Both Owen and Ella have officially started soccer. Owen seems to like it, but probably could care less either way. He's not as in to it as Ella has been. It will be interesting to see if he gets into the games. Ella has moved up to an all-girls team where they play positions and essentially "take the game up a notch". Her coach makes them run A LOT. Ella loves it, but it is adding to her exhaustion from being in school all day. She and I have been riding our bikes to practice since it's only a few blocks from our house. Ella has expressed on several occasions her dislike of this. She begs me to just drive her there. But it's good for both of us and saves on gas. So I will keep making her do it despite her protests!

Lilly and that yummy birthday cake!Last week our little Lilly Kate turned ONE! Her actual birthday passed uneventfully, but we managed to squeeze in ice cream sandwiches at the end of the day to celebrate. The weekend brought her official party. Once again our house was bursting at the seams with family and close friends. We kept it simple serving pizza and chips. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we were once again reminded how blessed we are to be surrounded by people who love us. Lilly LOVED her cake and ate the entire piece. She screamed when I took her out of her seat to clean her up. The sugar high lasted all night with lots of fussiness. We were also reminded that too much sugar for our kids is NOT a good thing!

I had Lilly in to the doctor for her check up. She is still tiny, but seems to be perfectly healthy! Doctor said we shouldn't be too concerned about her lack of mobility just yet. I will take her back at 15 months if I'm still concerned. I am praying that she starts to crawl soon. She'd be a much happier baby if she could get away from her siblings--lol!

Since a new routine is upon our household, I have been doing a lot of reflection about the next few months. I am working on getting back to a regular cleaning routine. I also hope to convince Randy to get back in to our nightly yoga work out. We will be celebrating our tenth anniversary this Fall. I have decided that I desperately want to lose these pesky 10 pounds before our anniversary. I just seemed to hit a plateau after having Lilly and it seems impossible to lose weight the way I used to. I suppose that my age has a lot to do with it. I'm not much for exercising and I have serious lack of self-control when it comes to food. So I will try to keep my body moving somehow and I plan on focusing more on prayer and Bible study during my usual snacking times (usually when the kids are napping). I don't think it will be easy, but at least I have a goal now. Ten pounds by our tenth anniversary. That's in two months. Sounds reasonable, right? Only time will tell.

~ Katie

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