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Entry 11 ~ September 15, 2009
Going Deeper

OwenI feel the need to get deep this week. The kids are full in to school, soccer, homework schedules. Randy is full in to corn harvest. I am full in to a busy routine balancing kids, husband, friends, and household. Time for some serious reflection. I suppose it came about the other day when Randy and I were confronted head on with a moral dilemma. We immediately took the "high road" and made a quick judgment and decision. End of discussion, right? Not so fast! After "sleeping" on it, several similar situations came to my mind. Situations that we have been letting go without batting an eye.

So here we are trying to figure out how to take a stand for our beliefs and yet still live in a society that doesn't always match up with those beliefs. We could go one direction by pulling our kids out of school, extra-curricular activities, and even some extended family activities. We could explain that action to our kids by condemning everyone around us. We could tell them that everyone else is terribly wrong, except a few who share our exact beliefs and keep them completely sheltered. OR we could just ignore all of the moral dilemmas around us and hope that our kids don't follow "bad" people or ideas. Neither of those sound very good to me.

OwenWe want our kids to take a stand backed with our support and armed with knowledge. But we also want our kids to have compassionate hearts and love people. Most people want their kids to be tolerant of others. But through a desire to teach our kids tolerance we are actually teaching them NOT to take a stand for anything. So, how do we reconcile our strong moral values with the world around us? The answer may surprise you: I don't know. I am not writing this with any answers in mind. It's just a reflection of my heart as a parent today. This parenting stuff is hard! I don't have lots of answers. Randy and I try to keep a running discussion with each other. We do rely on family members and close friends to help us work through various situations. We just want to raise our kids the "right way." Doesn't everyone?

On a lighter note, I've attached some pictures of Owen's first day of preschool. He's such a handsome little guy and so happy to be back in school. We are entering my favorite time of year. Fall. Hope it's as special for all of you!

~ Katie

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