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Entry 12 ~ October 1, 2009
Change Is in the Air

Soccer!The air is crisp, the leaves are turning golden, and the winter coats have been pulled out of the hall closet! Typical Colorado weather--freezing one day and 80's the next. Each morning is a guessing game as how to dress the kids. Ella leaves the house in her warm coat and comes home to change in to shorts! But I do love this time of year. It's so beautiful. I long for just one free weekend to get up to the mountains, but it looks like we will just have to enjoy the view from afar. Life has become one big scheduled activity for our family.

Ella has finally adjusted to school. We are figuring out how to fit homework in to our busy days as well as some time to relax. Soccer is also going well for her. It has been challenging and that's a good thing for Ella. She needs some challenges every once in a while! Owen is less than enthusiastic about soccer, so I've been looking into gymnastics for him and Connor. It's another activity to add to our calendar, but hopefully it will be good for both of them. They are so rambunctious and full of energy. We'll be in trouble when the weather turns too cold to play outside. I'm afraid they'll both tear up the house! I never knew that two little boys could have SO much energy together!

In one of my previous entries I wrote about my goal to lose about 10 pounds by our 10th anniversary next month. I am happy to report that I'm a little more than half way there! I must say, it has been much harder than I anticipated. In my younger years, I could just cut out something easy like pop, and I would lose weight. This is no longer the case! I have to really watch what I eat. I have cut down on or cut out lots of my favorites--chips, pop, candy, etc. I have also been exercising--yuck! Actually, it's not that bad I guess. Randy has been a trooper in doing yoga with me three nights a week. It kills us both, but we are finding it a fun time to connect with each other. We are also trying to get in some bike rides during the week. Not as easy with the kids' school and sports schedules and the weather being unreliable.

Happily I am seeing some positive results from my hard work. One of them being that I decided to commit to some Bible study time during the afternoon instead of snacking and being lazy. This has been so much more filling to me. It's been a great time to refocus myself and my thoughts. I have been able to pray for Randy and the kids and see good things come from that too. I feel calmer and have lots more energy. When the calendar screams at me I am able to just look at the current day (and maybe the one after) and focus on who needs to be where and how we will accomplish it. A year ago, this kind of busyness would have sent me over the edge!

Randy and I have had some amazing talks recently. He has been so open and willing to share his heart with me. I'm so lucky to be married to him! In our talks, we have decided that it's time to get serious about Lilly. She seems to be falling further behind in her gross motor skills. She is now 13 months--no crawling, no hands and knees rocking (she does roll, however), no pulling up, no attempts to stand whatsoever. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's going to be a concern. Whatever the reason, it is time to get in her corner and do what we can to help her make the most of her life. I suppose it feels a little bit like admitting failure for me. Maybe I haven't worked with her enough to get her moving. Maybe we've waited too long to speak up for her with the doctor. I don't know. But there's always today and a new chance to do everything I can to help her.

EllaThere has been a great tooth race going on in our house. Ella has had two "wigglies" for a while now. Lilly has 4 "bumps" in her gums waiting to poke through. Last night Ella finally won the race! She lost her first tooth. It has long been established that Randy would be the official tooth puller of the house. Anything to do with teeth gives me the willies. He nearly chickened out! But I am proud of both he and Ella. He was able to pull the tooth with little drama. In fact, the only one that cried was me! My baby is changing and growing again! I'm tearing up just thinking about it . . .

Remember to cherish every moment with your "babies." Be their advocate, encourage challenges, and let those little boys burn their energy as much as possible!

~ Katie

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