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Entry 13 ~ October 21, 2009
Friendship and Fears

I am incredibly blessed with friendship. When Randy and I were first married (almost 10 years ago), we joined a small group Bible study at our church. It was a group with three other couples that had been married less than two years and no one had kids. Seemed like a good fit at the time. Little did I know it would develop into an extended family. In our "group" we now have 11 kids among us. The oldest just turned 7 and the youngest is Lilly. We have been pregnant together many times! We have shared everything from clothes and recipes to tragedies and joys. There have even been a couple of breast pumps passed around!

We four moms have held a Friday morning playgroup since our first babies were tiny. Currently three of our kids are even in the same preschool class! Sunday evenings are spent with the husbands (we all get babysitters for our kids). We have an annual summer camping trip and many, many fun times together. About twice a year, the "girls" go on a weekend scrapbooking retreat. It is always such a treat!

As we were together this last weekend, we realized how lucky we are. I'm not sure everyone has these types of friendships in their lives. I truly feel that it is a gift given to me. I don't naturally make lots of friends. I am not naturally open with other people--except in this journal because it feels "safer" somehow. But these friends have been in my life and will continue to be for a long time. We are all coming in to a new stage of life as we send our kids off to school. We have made different choices in the education of our children and sometimes it makes me sad that our kids won't all be in school together! I am just thankful for the gift of friendship and wish that all women could be as supportive of each other!

As for the rest of "life" right now, it remains to be a little crazy. Three of the kids have been sick all week. But it's almost nice to have a "break" from all of our other activities! I'm not sure if it's the flu or not. If it is H1N1 that they've had, then I'm definitely okay with that. It has been mild and not as scary as I thought it would be. I don't know for sure because they haven't been sick enough to take in to the doctor's!

Lilly seems to be improving in her movements--now rocking on hands and knees. I will definitely credit that to the pediatric chiropractor she's been seeing. But it's such a roller coaster of emotions for us. Today I have let myself go down the road of "what ifs". I know better than to let myself think the worst for her. I guess I'm just feeling sorry for her and for me today. I am frustrated with not knowing how to help her and what else we can be doing. I am impatient in waiting for her upcoming evaluation. I want to be able to "fix" this for her and put it all behind us. Thank goodness she is happy and doesn't seem bothered by any of it!

Lots of fun things planned for our family in the next couple of weeks. I hope your weeks are full of friendship and lots of fun!

~ Katie

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