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Entry 15 ~ November 16, 2009
The Road Ahead

Anniversary!Randy and I had an amazing anniversary weekend. The "chateau" was beautiful and completely relaxing. We stopped and did a wine tasting on our way up to the mountains. It was our first wine tasting, but we enjoyed it! We also did a little shopping and Randy bought me a beautiful antique vase. We were able to relax and allow ourselves to do absolutely nothing most of the time. It was easy leaving the kids too. They were in good hands and had a fun weekend with cousins. I was so thankful to have that time to connect with Randy- distraction free!

Coming back to "real life" was a bit of a shock. Well, it wasn't that bad, but I struggled getting out of my spoiled, relaxed mood! It only took about one day before I realized we had lots going on. The biggest thing was that Lilly had her Early Intervention evaluation on Wednesday morning. There were four therapists (occupational, physical, speech, and something else I don't remember) that came to our house. We all sat on the floor and talked about Lilly and watched her play. She was happy to do what I asked her to do, but whenever they tried to touch her, she cried. It was definitely hard for the physical therapist to get a good idea of what might be going on with her. They suspected an issue with her hips. That seemed to go with what we've been suspecting also. By the end everyone agreed that her speech and cognitive development is right on track. The occupational therapist didn't see a need for therapy in that area either. That was all good news. So now Lilly will receive physical therapy at home once a week for about 6 months and then they will reevaluate her case.

By pure coincidence, later that day, our family doctor called with orders to have an x-ray done of Lilly's hips. Apparently he was just thinking about her that day and decided he would feel better if he was able to put some questions to rest about her hips. I took her in to a place to have the x-rays done. Lilly screamed and was miserable despite the fact that it was very short and not painful at all! Unfortunately, they didn't get a good picture and the doctor sent us back on Friday for another x-ray. This time the x-ray techs made sure they got the right picture so we wouldn't have to come back again. I am happy to report that her x-rays were all clear and there is no sign of any congenital issue in her hips. What a relief! I knew this would be the case, but of course I worried for the entire weekend anyway.

Hearing the therapists talk about Lilly was really hard for some reason. They didn't say anything that we didn't already know, but I guess it just made it all real. No longer can we say, "Oh she'll just take off any day now." We realized the long road ahead of her. I can't help but wonder if I did something to cause this. Did we not put her on the floor enough when she was younger? Was it something I did during my pregnancy to cause the delays? Well, there are no good answers. I have to accept that this is how Lilly is no matter what caused it. Eventually she will be caught up (we hope). Eventually we will look back at this and wonder why we worried so much about it. I also know that there are parents who go through much more difficult trials with their children and my respect for them deepens.

The rest of the kids are doing great. Ella finished her first trimester and is doing really well in school. Her teacher (whom I also respect deeply) has had great things to say about Ella. Our biggest challenge with her is a certain friend (who is a boy) she has in class. Apparently she can't stop hugging him and he can't stop playing with her hair. Oh brother. Randy's ultra-protectiveness of Ella has come out in full force! She is no longer allowed to hug any boys except him and her brothers. I'm okay with that too. Bless her loving heart!

The boys are also doing really well. Every day I love watching their relationship grow. As much as I was afraid to have boys, I'm so glad I do now. There's nothing like brotherly love. Except when they are conspiring against me--lol! My sweet "baby" Owen will be turning 5 in two weeks. How on earth did this happen? I feel like I am constantly asking this question!

As Thanksgiving approaches I can think of a million things to be thankful for. And like I tell my kids all the time, a thankful heart is a happy heart! I hope you all have thankful and happy hearts in the coming weeks. Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Katie

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