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Entry 19 ~ February 16, 2010
The Curse of Technology

I believe we are currently being prosecuted under Murphy's Law. It started innocently enough, but is turning in to a nightmare! First our dishwasher started to go on the fritz. The door broke and then mold began to grow inside. Fair enough. We think it was original to the house and probably 14 years old. Plus, it was exciting to get a shiny new dishwasher with lots of buttons on the front that light up! And it's wonderful to actually have CLEAN dishes to put away.

Now the computer is slowly (or quickly?) failing. It started with a virus, then a hard drive malfunction, and now the monitor and mouse are acting skittish. Okay, it's 7 years old and I guess that's practically ancient in computer years. So we are researching and getting WAY too many opinions on what to get. But every morning, I feel like I've won the lottery when our computer actually turns on and works! Yes, it's time for a new one. And the list goes on . . . the toaster only toasts the bread some mornings, the car is making funny noises and acts like it's dying on really cold mornings, and the coffee maker broke and had to be replaced immediately. Could you imagine not having coffee every morning? I can't!

hile it's fun to get new stuff, it's also quite expensive! We keep thinking we can get our car paid off (you know--before it completely breaks down), but have to use that money to replace something else instead. And then our sweet little Lilly gets very sick on a weekend so that we have to pay 4 times as much to see a doctor at urgent care. Don't get me wrong; our priorities are in order. It just means I might have to start submitting my journal entries on pencil and paper through actual mail!

So poor Lilly did get quite sick this last weekend. She came down with RSV again. She had it last year around this time too. Today she seems better, but still has a very rough cough. I am hoping the older kids stay healthy, but have a feeling we may be approaching some sick days ahead. Of course, we don't have time for sickness, but I will try to pencil it in as we go along! Life continues to be busy, but a fun ride.

Ella will be starting soccer in a couple of weeks. She is also performing a dance at half time during the high school girls' basketball game tonight. She was able to do a mini-dance camp with the high school poms team. And she continues to take piano lessons. The boys are still fully enjoying gymnastics. Lilly keeps plugging away at physical therapy. Randy and I are finishing up a class on Monday nights at church in the next couple of weeks. Spring break is in my sights and I'm definitely looking forward to it! Seems like the school year seems to fly by after that.

I must get this entry submitted today while the computer is still functioning. With all of our other activities, I'm not even sure we have time to buy a new computer! Hopefully, my next entry will be written on a pretty new computer instead of pencil and paper!

~ Katie

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