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Entry 20 ~ March 22, 2010
A Tale of Two Daughters

Katie and OwenI am thrilled to be writing this entry from our brand new computer! It's so nice. It makes me wonder why we waited so long! So far our car is still running despite the random funny noises. And after the collapse of our laundry sorter, we now have a new sturdy one. I am thankful things are only falling apart one at a time, but I would love a break from all the break downs!

LillyLilly had her 18 month check up last week. She is 31" and 20 lbs, 12 oz. Doctor said our kids really should have their own growth chart since they don't really fit in to any "normal" range on the real growth chart! He also agreed with Lilly's physical therapist that no further testing would be needed for Lilly at this point. She is progressing well with her therapy and her cognitive skills are right on track, so he has no concerns long term. While this is great to hear, it's still difficult for me to not have any answers as to why Lilly is so delayed. Yet even as I started writing this entry, Lilly stood on her own for the first time!! She screamed the entire time while she did it, but she did it!

EllaIt was one of those moments where I was completely torn between two of my children. I was downstairs painting Ella's fingernails. After a busy day, I could tell she needed some down time with me and this was a great way for her to get it. It was a classic bonding time for us. Randy had taken the other three kids upstairs to put on pajamas. I could hear Lilly crying (her mad cry) and Randy saying, "It's okay, Lilly! You can do it!" Then, "Hooray! You're doing it! You're standing!" I knew she was standing for a good length of time for the first time ever. I could also see that Ella was studying my face. She was wondering if I would stop painting her nails (which she had asked me to do in the morning and several times throughout the afternoon) and go to Lilly. She was asking me to put another coat on her thumb. She was prolonging this quiet time with me. Sigh. I missed the first time my baby stood on her own. On the other hand, Ella got some much needed one on one time with Mom.

The upside of the whole night was that Randy brought Lilly down to me and made her stand again, screaming and all, so that I could see it. So I will record the moment in Lilly's baby book. Randy will take all the credit for it. And Ella will go to bed feeling secure and at peace tonight.

ConnorLast week was spring break for Ella. We didn't do anything too crazy, but I think Ella enjoyed the fun that we did get to have. Randy and I have had terrible colds that don't seem to go away. It's miserable. We are both hoping to get over this stuff soon and even more hopeful that the kids don't get it! We have been blessed with some wonderfully warm spring days and a big snowstorm in the middle. Soccer has begun for Ella and because of the snow, the first game has been canceled. Not surprising for spring! We will celebrate Passover next week at our house. We invited the four families in our small group. That means I am currently planning a formal sit down dinner for twenty four people! Fourteen of which are children under the age of eight. I must be crazy. But we feel pretty strongly about celebrating Passover, so we invited our closest friends to celebrate with us. That in itself is not so bad, but when we factor in all the children, it's sort of a madhouse! I'm completely excited for it.

I've decided to include some random pictures of me and Owen, Lilly, Ella, and Connor. They aren't of anything particularly special, but when I look at them, I realize how fast they are each growing. I also realize how different each of them really are. They amaze me every day. They frustrate me every day. I am full of thanks for each of them. I am also thankful for those of you who are sharing this journey with me!

~ Katie

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