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Entry 29 ~ April 11, 2011
Busy Season

familyI'll be honest. It always bothers me a little bit when I am talking with people and they go on and on about how busy their life is. I get especially annoyed when they list all of the things that are keeping them busy. I get it. We are all busy. Our seasons in life wax and wane with busyness. Right now, my family is in a season of busyness. In past years this would really stress me out and bother me. I would keep looking forward to the time when it won't be so busy. I would lay awake at night going over and over our commitments and schedules in my head. I guess time has mellowed me a little. When I look at our calendar, my heart starts beating a little faster, but then I walk away from it. Now I only look at what's coming up the next day. And on particularly full days, I only look at what's coming up the next hour. I feel like if I'm so busy that I'm unable to function well, then something has to change. But so far in this busy season, I feel like we can handle this. I think I've only dropped the ball a few times lately and it's okay. We have yet to leave a child somewhere waiting for a ride home. The worst that has happened is Owen's soccer team didn't get their drinks after the first game. Since it was the first game, no one seemed to notice anyway. So I will make it through this busy season. Summer break will hit and (I hope) life will slow down just a little for just a little while.

The kids' spring break was in March and we took a little trip to our friends' house about 7 hours away. Randy had to work the entire spring break, so it was just me and the kids. It was a fun few days with friends that moved this last fall and we miss dearly. We went sledding and hiking and the kids played and played with their friends. The rest of spring break was not quite as eventful, but it was relaxing. Hard to believe we have hit the home stretch for the school year! Three of the kids are in soccer and so far it has been a really fun season. We've been lucky to have warm weather at the games. Juggling practice schedules with everything else has been a little tricky, but it's worth it when the kids have so much fun.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Illinois. It was about a 14 hour drive each way for us. We left mid morning on Thursday and arrived back home Sunday night. It was a whirlwind trip, but totally worth it. My aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, so all of us family from Colorado decided to head out there to celebrate with them. I got to see lots of cousins that I only see every few years. The only down side was that a stomach bug started with Ella and worked its way through Connor during the trip. The week after the trip, the bug then went through Owen, Lilly, and Randy. Somehow I didn't get it. It's like I've got some super mom powers or something! Anyway, I'm thankful we're done with that junk and we were still able to enjoy the trip.

About 2 months ago, I took Lilly in to the doctor when she had croup and the flu. Our doctor has become a friend over the years and our families have spent a little time together. So when I took Lilly in, he ended up making me an interesting job offer. His wife is also a doctor, but only works 2 days a week. They also home school their 3 kids who are 7, 10, 11 years old. The person they had watching their kids on those two days was planning to move away. So he wondered if I would be willing to do it. After discussing it with Randy, I decided I would do it. It's a pretty easy job. I take my big kids to school and then Connor, Lilly, and I head over to the doctors' house. We play, do crafts, run around outside, etc. The other kids have school work, chores, etc. I get to pick up Owen after kindergarten and bring him back to the doctors' house. Lilly naps well there and the kids pretty much entertain themselves. I feel a little spoiled doing this. When all the kids are busy playing or doing whatever, I get to sit and read a book. Now that's not a bad job at all!

Although we are very much looking forward to celebrating Passover, Easter, and all the fun spring activities that come with school and warmer weather, there is one dark cloud hanging over our heads. My mom's cancer is back. It's been a tough thing for us to accept. She just went through this a year and a half ago. Surgery is the only treatment for this kind of cancer. So in a couple weeks, she will go in to have the tumors removed. It's a brutal surgery and they are planning on being much more aggressive with what they take out. I really don't know how this is going to work out. I don't know how I will be able to help care for her as well as keep up our schedule. It makes me pretty sick to think about it. But as always, I trust God with all my heart and I know that while I am overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else, He will be taking good care of me.

So as the busyness of life carries me along like a giant wave, I will continue to trust that the nice warm sand is just waiting for me to get there and lay around for a while!

~ Katie

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