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Entry 3 ~ April 30, 2009
Another Year Older

Never a dull moment around here. It seems like we are reaching milestone after milestone these days. So many events feel monumental for our family and especially for me. One of those milestones is that I turned 35 on Sunday. Wow--I thought 35 would somehow feel much older. I thought I would be much more mature and wise--or something like that! I just still feel like I'm the same age as I was 10 years ago. Sure, now I'm a homeowner, a mom, and I've even run my own business for a while. But I still don't understand taxes at all and I would have no idea what to do if a tornado hit our house. I guess I'm trying to say that I have a lot of living left to do and I'm still naive in a lot of ways. However, I will say that my body feels every single one of those 35 years! I'm pretty sure I have my four little babies to thank for that. Those pregnancies worked me over pretty good! So I am now committed to living a healthier lifestyle. My wonderful husband and kids got me a brand new bike for my birthday! I haven't been on a bike in probably ten years, but it feels great to be out riding with the kids. Owen and I like to race around the cult-de-sac playing follow the leader. Ella and I had a "bike date" the other afternoon, taking a nice ride around the neighborhood together. By golly, these kids took a toll on my body, but they are also helping me get it back in shape! Also, Randy and I ordered a yoga video and have been doing it at night when the kids go to bed. He's such a good sport to do it with me. It's been fun exercising with him.

I've done a little better the past couple of weeks handling the busy schedule without a lot of stress. Honestly, my kids and Randy have been wonderful. We had a big weekend with soccer and celebrating 5 different birthdays! We were able to make it to all the different parties and actually enjoy them. Owen and Ella each went to one of their classmates parties and had a great time. I was also parent helper in Owen's class on Tuesday and for the first time this year I actually enjoyed it. Three and four year olds are just not my favorite group. They are all fine on their own, but it really takes a special person to teach a class full of them! Nonetheless it was a fun day and I definitely got a lot of joy watching all the kids including Owen. I've also finally made the decision to wean Lilly. I have been going back and forth about what to do, but since I've made the decision and actually started weaning her, I feel an overwhelming sense of relief. We can now go about our day without me worrying about where I can nurse her. She loves the bottle and does well with formula. And the big kids love that they can help!

ConnorI thought I would write a little about each of my kids in my entries so that you all can get to know them a little better too. I had planned on starting with Ella first, but lately my heart has been tender towards my little guy, Connor. So I think writing about him will also help me to understand him more too! Connor is actually getting closer to turning three. His birthday is in July. He is 90% potty trained. The other 10% is due to a scatter-brained mommy. He has always been an independent little guy. He insisted on feeding himself at an early age. He crawled and walked earlier than his older brother and sister. He began potty training himself this last fall, but for my own sanity I tried to make him wait a little longer. He has a funny sense of humor. He's always joking or making some silly comment. Even when he's trying to be serious, it comes across as funny. He loves to make everyone laugh. But right now he just seems so sensitive. I feel like he's getting lost in the shuffle. He cries and gets his feelings hurt easily. He has been herded around as we've dropped off and picked up kids from school every day. He gets shooed away when I'm trying to nurse Lilly or shushed when she's sleeping. He's too little for sports or school which is what big brother and sister get to do. He is the only one in the family that just isn't totally in love with Lilly. He really doesn't see what the big deal about her is. So I feel like he's lost. And feeling this way makes me and Randy realize that we need to spend more quality alone time with him. We need to help him to find his own identity and be confident in that. We need to help him know that he is so special and loved. I'm not sure how we will do that, but I know we will. He is so much fun to be around and we want him to always have that little spark in his eye that is unique only to him. Our family is blessed to have him around!

In the next few weeks, we will be wrapping up the school year with lots of fun events. I hope your spring is looking bright and beautiful as the flowers bloom and the weather warms!

~ Katie

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