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Entry 4 ~ May 15, 2009
Bring on Summer!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mommies out there! I know, it was a week ago already, but it's never too late to acknowledge moms! I was truly blessed on Mother's Day this year. Randy took care of the meals and dishes all day long. I couldn't ask for more than that! I had a great day at home with my kids planting flowers in our front yard, bringing wonderful color to our house. In the last two weeks, we finished up the soccer season. We attended a school carnival and I went to a kindergarten tea party. We also had some nice dinners with good friends. Owen had a little program at preschool in which I was under strict instructions NOT to smile at him while he was singing. Instead, I kept a stone-face while he sang and did the motions without embarrassment! Oh my . . .how different my kids are!

EllaI'd like to write a little about Ella. She is my oldest--almost 6 years old! She is difficult to describe. Maybe it's because she is nothing like me! She is a surprise. She is a free spirit. She does not know a stranger or an enemy. She is confidence. She is excitement. She is pure joy. She feels with every bit of her body and soul. She is light. Since the day she was born, she has made an impression on people. I am amazed at how much of an impact this little person leaves on everyone around her. And I am clueless as how to preserve her spirit. I worry that the world will make her a cynic (like me) or insecure. And I am mostly worried that I will unwittingly contribute to her corruption with my own "stuff". However, I know that in spite of my own negativity, this child brings out the best in me and everyone else she is around. Her spirit is contagious and I believe that God has a purpose for her. Yes, we need to work on self-control with her, especially when her excitement comes bubbling out through all of her muscles--lol! She needs to be pushed just a little to do anything new. She is too involved with other kids' problems at school. She gets frustrated when she sees others make mistakes and is very sorry when she makes a mistake too. And she's a wee bit on the bossy side. But to know Ella is to know happiness and love.

So now my little Ella is wrapping up her kindergarten year. I am both relieved to have survived it and sad about what's coming next--first grade! I will not go into those feelings yet! I will focus on the positive of the next couple weeks. Owen finishes preschool on Tuesday and Ella finishes on Friday. There are three field trips between now and then. On Memorial Day we head out for our first official family vacation! I can hardly wait. We have taken short little trips here and there, but for the past six years, most of Randy's vacation time has been spent on the birth of our children (and one week was used up for moving)! But now our family is complete, the school year is complete, and we are headed to South Dakota for lots and lots of fun. We have saved up for this vacation and plan to just relax and enjoy every moment we have together; we deserve it! I have made a pledge to myself not to sign the kids up for anything this summer. Okay, at least not until July when the kids are bored with my "laid back" plans!

~ Katie

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