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Entry 5 ~ June 1, 2009
What Now?

Vacation!Summer break is officially here and I am so happy! It feels wonderful to wake up to my kiddos instead of an alarm clock. I only hope I can take full advantage of the time off school to enjoy every minute of my kids. As expected, I was a mess of emotions as Ella and Owen had their last days of school. Even Ella was emotional when it finally occurred to her that she would no longer see her teacher. Our vacation helped us forget all that for at least a week, though!

Our trip was great. Being away with my husband and kids always reinforces how much I LIKE being with them! Yes, it's a lot of packing and very expensive to eat out for every meal, but I love being with my kids and Randy. We enjoy each other even when we are exhausted! We went on this trip with another family and that was definitely different. They have two boys that are 5 and 3. Our kids play together all the time, so it was fun for them to get to spend an entire week together! I think they are all in withdrawal this week from each other. We had a good time being with our friends and it's a vacation we won't soon forget! Lucky for all of us, we have a camping trip planned for later this summer.

FunI'm finding it difficult to write this entry for some reason. School has ended, we were gone for a week, and now . . . well . . . what now? My calendar is basically blank. I'm relaxed. I have nothing to plan for at the moment. What do I obsess about now? Okay, I'm sure I'll think of something this week to get all worked up about! This morning the kids and I walked to the library and signed up for the summer reading club. That will give us a goal to work towards. I also plan on working with each of the kids on some things this summer. Ella will continue to work on reading and math. Owen will work on writing his name and maybe learning some basic sight words. Connor will work on shapes and letters. Lilly will work on crawling and getting teeth. I will work on the garden and fixing up some things around the house. Randy will be swamped at work and we probably won't see him as much as we would like. And as boring as it might sound to others, it sounds like heaven to me!

I will get back to writing about each of the kids in my next entry. I hope that I'm a little more focused by my next entry too!

~ Katie

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