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Entry 6 ~ June 22, 2009
The Best Laid Plans . . .

I want to apologize for being late on my journal. As I was writing this entry last week, I got a call from my dad. My mom is facing a pretty serious health issue and it has been difficult for us to deal with. I'm a total wimp when it comes to my mom being sick. I feel like I need to be strong and help her and my dad process all the information they are getting right now, but I really just want to crawl in a hole and pretend it's not happening. My mom is the one that should be taking care of me, not the other way around! So for now, we are just waiting for more information and a plan of action. I am trying to hold loosely to the summer plans we have already made in order to be available for my family. This is somewhat disappointing since I was looking forward to a lot more bike rides and afternoons at the pool. But I do feel confident that we will be able to balance both. The kids are not really aware of what's going on and I am trying to be very limited with what I tell them for now. This is uncharted territory, but then again, most of this stage of life seems to be that way!

Lilly had her 9 month check up at the beginning of June and seems to be coming along. Her weight was not what I had hoped for, but the doctor feels okay with the fact that she is just going to be tiny. She weighed only 14 lbs 8 oz at the appointment! I waiver between knowing that I just have smaller kids and feeling like I'm doing something wrong. I worry that maybe I'm not feeding her enough or the right things. But then I also know that it's just silly to let my thoughts go down that road. She is well fed. She is developing just like the other ones did. Someone will always be the smallest and most likely it will be one of my kids!

Big events of the last couple of weeks have included Ella learning to ride her bike without training wheels, and Connor learning to ride a "real" bike. Also, some dear friends of ours gave us their old bike trailer and it works perfect for us! We are now a family on wheels! Lilly and Connor think it's great riding in the trailer and Ella is becoming more confident with those big hills! I will definitely get in shape pulling that trailer around on my bike!

I was able to take the kids hiking last week and that was an adventure! I think Connor might be a little bit too small for big hikes, so I am on the look out for easier trails. He seems to struggle with the really rocky parts. I think he's just not coordinated enough yet to feel confident over rough terrain. Ella and Owen are great hikers and do lots of collecting along the way. Lilly thinks the backpack is fun. She lets my hair keep her entertained!

We went camping this last weekend and it was a wonderful getaway for us. We needed the time together and we needed to be away from all the "stuff" going on here. Unfortunately it rained a lot and was pretty windy. But we did get to have a campfire and roast marshmallows, which was the only thing the kids really cared about! I always feel recharged and inspired after being in the mountains. And I was proud of all the kids (even Lilly) for sticking out the weather. Randy was especially proud of himself for getting a fire started after two hours of heavy rain!

The next couple of weeks should be interesting. Ella is turning six and we are having our first friend birthday party. My mom will most likely be having major surgery. I'm anxious about both of these events. Thankfully I have my faith to cling to and good friends and family to lean on. I will try to be back on track with my updates now! Until then . . .

~ Katie

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