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Entry 9 ~ August 16, 2009
Moving On

I'll start with a quick overview of the past few weeks. My mom had her surgery and came through just fine. It was a little more complicated than expected, but she had an amazing surgeon and is well on her way to being healthy again! I spent most of my time at the hospital with her and my dad. I would leave as the kids woke up in the morning and come home right around bedtime. There were several days that I didn't even see Lilly at all! The babysitters all survived and so did the kids. The house is another story. It will take some serious elbow grease to get it back to a respectable level of cleanliness! The past few days, I have been bringing the kids with me to my mom's house to help her out. That has probably been my biggest challenge; caring for my mom and the kids all at once. Thankfully the kids have been wonderful and my mom is continuing to heal well. She even told me today that she doesn't think I need to be there so much any more--hooray! God provided all the energy I have needed along the way. Randy has been an amazing husband. It hasn't been easy on him either. But he kept up the dishes, kept the kids fed and bathed, and has been unbelievably supportive of me in my darkest moments. I am grateful to be part of a family that can come together and endure difficult times!

In the midst of all this, I did manage to get both Ella and Owen registered for school. Ella and I got to spend a whole afternoon together getting haircuts, getting her new shoes, getting all of her school supplies, and packing them in her backpack. All set for the first day of school next week! As usual, I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I am sad at the thought of not being with her for the whole day, every day! What if she can't get her shoes tied? What if I don't pack her enough to eat at lunch? But I also know that throughout history, little girls have gone to first grade and been just fine without their mothers. Mothers have all ended up being just fine too (sigh). I also have lots of confidence in Ella. She's a great kid. She makes friends easily, she will love her teacher, and she will be OKAY.

Owen doesn't start preschool until after Labor Day, so I have some more time with him. No doubt that when Ella starts, he will be whining to start school too. I know he's ready to get back to his teacher (same one as last year) and his classmates. I didn't work with him as much as I had planned this summer, so my hope for him is that he grows a lot (academically) this school year! I'm also a little concerned about how Connor will handle being without his siblings. He has a tendency to get bored and then complain. But I think with Lilly (or Willy as he calls her--lol!) being a little older and more fun, he won't feel so lonely.

Speaking of Lilly getting older . . . she turns one in less than two weeks! My last baby is growing up so fast! There are certainly aspects of the first year that I won't miss a bit and some that I will miss deeply. The garage sale pile keeps growing as she outgrows more and more things. I am a little concerned about Lilly. Usually the first birthday is spent celebrating lots of accomplishments. I feel like Lilly has a bigger list of what she lacks right now. She is still small, but I think her weight is catching up. She doesn't have any teeth yet (love the gummy smile!). She isn't crawling or even trying to stand and that's probably what's got me worried. She sits up and plays great, but really lacks a lot of movement. She will get on her tummy but then cry like she can't roll back over; which she has done. I suppose I'm just being a worrier and of course I will be discussing all of this with her doctor. In the meantime, we'll celebrate Lilly for all she is today!

Tonight I put on a sexy orange dress, painted my toenails, and put on matching jewelry. Yep, it's date night! Randy and I are going out with the next door neighbors to a nice restaurant to have adult conversation and adult drinks. I am really looking forward to it. Our neighbors have kids that are grown, but they love our kids. We were thrilled when they asked us to get a babysitter so we could all have an evening together. So it's time to put on my makeup, style my hair (gasp! I hope I remember how to do it!) and have some fun!

~ Katie

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