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Katie B's Parenting Journal
Family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Katie's parenting journal.

Katie and Randy have been married nine years. They have four precious children: Ella, Owen, Connor and Lilly. Katie is a stay at home mom and is both relieved and sad to move into the next phase of her life, her family now complete.

Join Katie as she shares her perspective on motherhood times four.

Katie's Journal Entries

Meet Katie

Entry 1
Soccer, Snowstorms, and Steroids?!

Entry 2
One Thing at a Time!

Entry 3
Another Year Older

Entry 4
Bring on Summer!

Entry 5
What Now?

Entry 6
The Best Laid Plans . . .

Entry 7
Taking the Good with the Bad

Entry 8
Frustrations and Randomness!

Entry 9
Moving On

Entry 10
Ones and Tens

Entry 11
Going Deeper

Entry 12
Change Is in the Air

Entry 13
Friendship and Fears

Entry 14
Memory Lane

Entry 15
The Road Ahead
Entry 16
I'm All Grown Up Now!

Entry 17
Sorrow and Joy

Entry 18
Brighter (and Busier!) Days Ahead

Entry 19
The Curse of Technology

Entry 20
A Tale of Two Daughters

Entry 21
Piles of Laundry and Decisions

Entry 22
A Little Bragging

Entry 23
Ah, Summer Break

Entry 24
Where Are the Lazy Days of Summer?

Entry 25
Oh Boy!

Entry 26
An Apology & Other Stuff

Entry 27
New Year, New Oven!

Entry 28
My Funny Valentines

Entry 29
Busy Season

Entry 30
The Long and the Short of It

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