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Meet Katie B

Katie's familyThis journal is really beginning with the end. Before I explain, let me give you a little background . . .

My name is Katie. My husband, Randy, and I have been married for nine years. Randy works and worries about making money. I stay at home with the kids and worry about saving money. We have four kids. Ella is 5 and a kindergartner. Owen is 4 and a preschooler. Connor is 2 1/2 and a potty trainer. Lilly is 4 months and a breastfeeder. We all have our place in the family!

We live in Colorado (not in the mountains, but close enough to enjoy their majesty every time we look out our windows). Randy and I were both raised here and have no desire to raise our kids any where else.

Now, back to the end. Or is it really the beginning? I suppose it's all a matter of perspective. I have recently closed a chapter in my life. It's the chapter where I had pregnancy after pregnancy and baby after baby. It's the chapter where I have been deep in diapers, baby food, and speaking slowly in a high pitched voice. I am still in this chapter but it will not continue past Lilly. We are done procreating and adding to the population. Every time Lilly outgrows something it either goes in the garage sale pile or gets put in the back of the pickup to be taken to a local charity. It is a bittersweet end. With each milestone Lilly reaches, I am both relieved and sad.

Looking at it all from another angle, I see that this is a new beginning. We finally have an official school-aged child. It is new territory and brings both anxiety and excitement for me. It also brings a thousand new questions. I hope to share all the new beginnings we are facing with you in the most honest way I can. I also hope to connect with mothers on many different levels through this journal. After all, isn't motherhood all about endings and beginnings every day?

~ Katie

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