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Weeks 10 - 11
Midwife Dilemma

Trying to find a midwife has been a mission indeed!

New Zealand has a pretty different health system to the United States. Here each pregnant woman has an LMC (Lead Maternity Carer) that cares for her throughout her pregnancy, delivers her baby and provides post-natal support for the first six weeks. It is up to the woman to choose her LMC. Midwives and GPs (General Practitioner doctors) are free (paid for by our publicly funded health system), or you can choose a specialist obstetrician which you pay for yourself. Most women choose to have midwife as there are very few doctors delivering babies and it saves on the cost of a specialist.

The midwife I had with Levi was fantastic - I got on really well with her and she was very experienced and capable. The problem is she is no longer working as an LMC. So I have been trying to find a good midwife to care for me (which is hard enough) but finding one that is also delivering over Christmas is nigh on impossible! A lot of midwives are taking Christmas off to spend with their families - which is completely understandable, but it makes my predicament very difficult!

I was given the name of a midwife who was recommended to me, and I went along to the first appointment and knew that it was just not going to work out. I really shouldn't stereotype, but she had tattooed hands and arms, and it actually bothered me. Not that having a tattoo makes you a bad person or anything like that, it's just that I am so not the kind of person who would ever get a tattoo anywhere, ever, and for some reason I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable with her doing everything that goes along with helping a person in labour and delivery, if you get my drift . . . Anyway, it's more my problem than hers, I just figured why put myself in an uncomfortable situation at a time when I need to feel confident and relaxed. We just didn't relate to each other very well. I felt bad, because she seemed very competent and a perfectly fine person, I just had a gut feeling that it wasn't going to work out, and better to change at the beginning than wait and have to change midwives half way through. So . . . I am back on the trail trying to find someone to deliver my baby. What a dilemma!

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