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Week 12
~ I Found a Midwife!

The search is over! I have found a midwife who I am so happy with. It is such a burden off my shoulders! For the last week I have been lying in bed at night worrying that I might never find someone else to care for me. I had called around several clinics who all said that everyone was either booked up or not working over the Christmas period - and they would refer me to someone else who would then give me the same answer - so I was having serious doubts about ever finding someone. But at the end of last week a midwife gave me a call on my cellphone saying that she had been told I was desperately looking for a midwife and that she was available. So we arranged to meet so I could get to know her a bit and see how I felt. I went along to the appointment today and it was fantastic. We got on really well and I felt totally comfortable with her. She is a lovely Irish lady who has delivered babies on Christmas for the last three years, and she actually seemed to think it was quite special that our little one was due at such a wonderful time. She is at the same clinic I went to last time which has a great reputation so that is also reassuring. How glad am I that things have worked out!

Another exciting part of this week was our Nuchal Translucency Scan, which screens for Down Syndrome and some other chromosomal abnormalities. Brandon and Levi were able to come too, so it was a lovely family affair. Levi was so intrigued to see the little bubba on the screen. He is too young to really be able to understand what is going, so we are trying to communicate to him what is happening in anyway we can - but I'm pretty sure he has no idea! Baby looks healthy and happy, which is always so good to hear. We could see him/her moving around and waving his/her hands - so cute! Being only 22 I had a pretty low risk of Down Syndrome etc, but the risk has been lowered again after the scan so that is good. Not that we would have done anything if there was anything wrong, but we would prefer to know and be able to inform ourselves.

We have also been looking into getting a new car. At the moment we have a hatchback, which I love because it is economical to run, but it is already a squish with the three of us when we go on holiday, so we figure when bubs comes we will definitely need more space to fit everything in. So we have been trying to figure out which cars are reliable and safe, as well as models that we think will last us a while, that we won't need to upgrade too soon, as well as ones that are efficient and economical. I tell you it's all a bit complicated really! Luckily my Dad is a mechanic so I have an endless supply of good free advice, plus if we do buy a lemon at least I'll be able to get some free repairs!

I have been feeling pretty good. I definitely have my bad days, but on the whole I have been feeling all right. I have discovered that if I don't eat at night, I feel much better the next day. Weird! It is a bit of a pain not eating at night - particularly if we're out with family or friends, but I know that if I do I will pay for it in the morning. So I just have to make sure I have a good lunch to see me through for the day. I am still very tired, but am getting much better at respecting my body's need for sleep. I make sure I go to bed early so I am not completely obliterated when it comes time to wake up in the morning!

I am heading toward the second trimester now so I am definitely looking forward to some more energy and perhaps even being able to eat dinner!

Take care til next week,
 ~ Kelly

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