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Week 13
~ Crazy Dreams!

This week my sleep has been plagued by all sorts of crazy, vivid intense dreams - all I want is some sleep! The dreams are so real that I wake up feeling like I have been totally experiencing all the emotions and sentiments of my dreams. I'll wake up feeling horribly guilty, or completely elated or depressed or excited or confused - depending on what my dream has been about. My night are just a big roller coaster ride. Maybe there is some deep, psychological reason for all of this, or maybe it is just those darned hormones again!

Speaking of those darned hormones though, I have been feeling pretty good this week. Only a few short-lived waves of nausea to report, and on the whole I have more energy I think - my house is thanking me for it too - my pile of washing is actually getting down to an acceptable size!

My tummy is starting to poke out a bit now, it's not very noticeable, but I can tell. My clothes still fit which is nice - though I have to say I have some cute maternity clothes that I'm looking forward to wearing. I know, however, from experience that it's probably best to try and put off wearing maternity clothes for as long as I can, because before too long I will be well and truly sick of wearing the same things day in, day out.

This week I am actually a working Mum! A friend of mine owns a shop, and she just had a baby last night, and all her staff were unable to work this week, so she was totally stuck. I worked there when I was a student, so I was more than happy to agree to work the week for her. I took Levi in with me on Monday, but it did not work. He had a pretty grumpy day, and wouldn't take his nap, so it was no fun for either of us. We decided it would be best to send him to daycare for the rest of the week, and today was his first day. I dropped him off, and he was completely fine, he fitted in straight away. I, on the other hand, was a mess! Having looked after him every day of his life, it was a big thing for me to leave him with someone other than Nana, or Auntie etc. I cried and felt awful for the whole day til I picked him up. Usually it is the child crying when he gets dropped off, and the Mum being fine, but we were totally the other way around! He had had a great day, and taken his nap so it was a much better solution. He was happy when I picked him up, and other than being a little more clingy than usual, he seemed fine. Don't get me wrong, I realise that daycare is a great solution for many families, I am just really glad I get to look after him. I only have to face three more days of dropping him off. Wish me luck!

 ~ Kelly

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