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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ We Have Movement

I felt the first flutters of movement this week. It is fairly early I know, but I am sure that it was the baby I was feeling, not just gas! It's hard because the very first movements are so faint and come and go so quickly that it's hard not to feel like I'm just imagining it, but I have felt what I am sure are baby flutters at least once a day since Friday, so I suppose that's as good a confirmation as any!

Other than that, there's not much new to report this week. I had the first stranger ask if I was pregnant a few days ago, and though I am definitely much rounder around the middle, I thought this was a very brave question to be asking! I could very easily just be someone who was a little podgy around the middle (especially since it's not like I had a washboard stomach to begin with!) My family have all mentioned how they have noticed that I am now showing. I should mention that I am only 5'0" tall, so there is nowhere really for the baby to go except outward! Unfortunately, when I was pregnant with Levi, it meant that by 40 weeks I was almost as wide as I was tall!

I had a few dizzy spells this week, which I suspect are due to an iron deficiency. During my last pregnancy I got quite badly anaemic, so it's something I have been trying to keep on top of this time by eating lots of vegetables and meat, and vitamin C. I might have to start taking some supplements though so things don't get worse.

Also, last night there has been a huge storm in Auckland, and the north of New Zealand. The wind was gusting up to 150 km p/hr, there was flooding up north, the ferries and trains all got cancelled, the lights blew out on the harbour bridge (a major bridge linking 2 cities), 120,000 homes without power etc. The power went out in our suburb, so we went to my mother-in-laws because she had power and a fire going. Some of Brandon's cousins ended up coming over too because they had no power either, and we all had a sleepover there, so it ended up being quite a fun night for us! Not so good for other people, there have been windows blown out and the roof was peeled right off an apartment block in the city today - scary! Let's hope for a vast improvement of the weather in the coming week.

Take care

 ~ Kelly

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