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Week 17
~ Moving Along

First of all thank you so much to all the women who emailed me with their thoughts and experiences on VBAC and caesareans. It is so valuable to hear from other women who have been there and done that. Hearing from people who can actually give a good comparison of the pros and cons of both routes has been so helpful as I've been trying to get my head around what I want to do. I feel so very sure that I want to give a natural birth the best go I can, and after some of the advice given to me, I feel I am so much more knowledgeable about how to do that. Thank you! I'm sure that this issue will continue to crop up as the pregnancy continues, particularly towards the end.

I think Levi is starting to understand that there is a baby on the way. We can ask him where his "bubba" is and he will point to my tummy, and give it cuddles and kisses. So cute! This week we were in nursery at church, and Brandon found Levi with one of the baby dolls sitting in a corner cuddling it and giving it a bottle! Levi is such a boy, he is usually so rough and tumble it is so surprising (but also so lovely and adorable!) to see him so nurturing, hopefully we can foster that so when baby arrives the transition might not be so difficult. Fingers crossed!

I have been seeing an Osteopath for the first time this week. I have had terrible neck pain, that causes me awful headaches. Not all the time, but it comes and goes fairly regularly, so I finally decided that I needed to deal with it. I am sure it is pregnancy related; I also had similar neck pain/headaches when I was pregnant with Levi. The Osteopath seems to be working really well, but I hope I don't have to see him for many more appointments; my bank account certainly isn't thanking me at the moment!

Every day it seems I feel significantly more pregnant! The bump is getting bigger and the flutters are much much stronger. This pregnancy feels like it is passing so much faster than last time. I think it is mostly because I am not so anxious about everything, it is not so foreign and unknown to me. It is nice that it is going so fast. I love the feeling of waking up and thinking, "Wow, I'm 17 weeks already, it feels like I just started this pregnancy" instead of thinking "I'm only 17 weeks, it feels like I've been pregnant forever, I still have so long to go!" Having said that, I had a moment this week when I thought "in 23 weeks, I am going to be the mother of TWO. I am going to have two children to care for. That is too soon!" It was just a moment when I knew that time is going to fly. But it is so exciting. I am getting really excited about caring for a newborn again, and having a precious new person in our family. So special.

Have a wonderful week!
 ~ Kelly

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