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Week 18
~ Looking forward to our ultrasound!

Well, it's only 6 days to go until our 20 week anatomy scan, and since I have had a few emails asking whether we will be finding out, I thought I would write about my feelings on the subject.

We will be finding out if we are expecting a boy or a girl at our scan, so by the time I write up my next post, we will know! We are both very excited. It is a topic though, that I find very frustrating, because everyone has such strong and opposite opinions about it!

When we were pregnant with Levi, we didn't find out if we were expecting a boy or a girl; we wanted to wait for the big surprise at the end, and I loved it! I loved the suspense of not knowing, and the fact that it was still a mystery, and I loved that Brandon was able to make the big announcement when Levi was born, that he was a boy. However, during the pregnancy it was quite frustrating, because a lot of people actually seemed quite annoyed, or put out that we hadn't found out. They would give us a present and say "Sorry, you don't know what you're having, so we had to get something green" as if green would actually be some horrible colour to dress your baby in! Actually I loved the fact that we had lots of yellow and green and white, because personally, I can't imaging anything more boring than ALL pink or ALL blue.

This time we have decided to find out. And we are equally happy and excited about our decision. We have several reasons for finding out. We've had the wonderful surprise of finding out at the birth, and we want to give the other way a go. We also think it might be helpful in preparing Levi to know if he will have a brother or a sister. Also, truth be known, last time I was more for not finding out than Brandon, and obviously, I got my way, and so this time it just seemed natural that Brandon should get his way, and so we are going to find out.

However, this time people seem to think we are being impatient and spoiling our surprise by finding out! Oh dear - why can't people just respect others' decisions? So anyway, those are my thoughts on what I have found to be a very controversial topic. I can't understand why that is. It is just a matter of personal preference really isn't it?

Anyway, next week I will be able to report on how our little bubba is looking and whether or not "it" is actually a "he" or a "she"!

Until then!
 ~ Kelly

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