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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ We're Having a Little Girl!

Well we had our scan yesterday and the radiologist is "99.9% sure" it is a girl. We're thrilled! I didn't have a preference either way, but Brandon really had his hopes pinned on having a daughter so he is over the moon - it is so endearing to see him so excited He is also pretty chuffed with himself had having successfully provided the genetic material for both genders!

My sister and her husband, who are due three weeks after me, aren't going to find out what they are having so it won't be until mid January that we find out if she will have a girl cousin or a boy cousin the same age. It has been so much fun with both of us having little boys together, I kind of hope she has a girl so we can share the experience again, but obviously the gender has already been determined and we can't do anything to influence it, so whatever happens is what is supposed to happen!

Finding out we are having a girl has definitely relieved us of some stress in coming up with a boy's name; we have quite a lot of girls' names we are considering but we were really struggling to come up with a boy's name we both agreed on, but now that doesn't matter! We won't decide definitely on a name until baby is born; we'll do the same thing we did last time, and put together a list of possibilities and decide for sure when we can see her. Deciding on a name can be so stressful, there are so many factors to consider - a name that sounds good, and flows well with the surname, one that isn't too similar to names already in the family, a name with good connotations and the list goes on! For us, we also don't like to have names that are really really popular, but at the same time aren't weird. I'm sure though, that when the time comes, and we see our new little girl, that we will be able to find a name that we love and that we feel good about.

I have been feeling really good this week. The kicks are getting really strong. I was lying in the bath the other night and I could see my stomach moving when she kicked! I was so surprised, I am sure that didn't happen until much much later with Levi. Maybe it has something to do with my uterus being less elasticised! Who knows.

Brandon and I are going away this weekend for our first night away from Levi! We are so excited! We've booked ourselves into a luxury hotel in a beautiful town about three hours away. We plan to have a very relaxing and indulgent weekend for the first time since we had Levi, and probably for the last time before we have another baby! Levi is going to spend the night with Brandon's mum, and I'm sure he is going to have a blast. Fingers crossed he sleeps as well for her as he does for us!

Have a great week!
 ~ Kelly

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