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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 22 & 23
~ Ticking Along Nicely

Well not a whole lot has been happening lately actually. Everything just seems to be rolling along smoothly. Baby is getting bigger and bigger and the kicks stronger and stronger! Brandon enjoys lying in bed in the mornings before we get up and feeling baby do some kicks; she seems to be very active at that time. I'm really enjoying this stage. I'm over the sickness and the extreme tiredness, so I'm able to achieve a lot more during the day which is fabulous, and I'm not absolutely enormous yet. I'm bigger than I would like to be, but not as big as I know I'm going to get! This baby seems to be sitting much much higher than last pregnancy. It's kind of irritating, because I already have a bunch of stretch-marked, pre-expanded skin around the bottom, which isn't even being put to use, because the baby is sitting up high in the area that was unstretched last time! I'm really hoping she drops down a little so I don't end up with stretch marks over my whole stomach! I'm also finding it hard to get a full breath already with this baby, not something that happened until the end with Levi.

I'm trying to be better about my diet. I keep having these sugar cravings which are really hard to stave off. I'm trying to be sensible about what I eat, and making sure I eat enough protein, and that when I feel like sugar I try to eat fruit etc. That's not to say however, that I don't break and eat chocolate more often than I should!

I've been trying also to get some good exercise. I've been going for walks most days and doing some light weights occasionally which I've been enjoying. It's amazing how much better you feel for having gotten some exercise.

Brandon and I are making slow but steady progress at crossing off our list of things we need to do or get before baby comes, so that's good - it's making me feel much more calm and relaxed about things! We still haven't gotten another car, but we've been to look at several, and we're much closer to knowing what we want to get, so hopefully that will be sorted soon. It will be nice not to have to think about cars anymore!

I hope you're all enjoying your pregnancies! Til next week . . .

 ~ Kelly

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