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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24
~ Feeling a just a wee bit fragile

Well everything has been going great - except for my "fragileness" in the evenings! I am not feeling sick, I have plenty of energy during the day, and there is nothing particularly wrong, but every night for the last week or so, I have been very fragile in the evenings. My poor husband! It seems I am fine til about 9-9:30pm and then I turn high maintenance! I wonder why. Maybe it simply means I need to go to bed and get some rest. Often though, I will go and have a nice long shower and leave Brandon to sort things out like tidying and locking up. Hopefully this week I'll be more back to my old self.

The weather is getting finer now, and we are definitely heading into spring weather. Levi and I have been taking advantage of it and going out for some lovely walks and spending lots of time at the playground. Yay! I can't wait until it's sunny, and Levi and I can spend time at the beach, he'll love it. He'll think it's great that he can run around in just his nappy, and play outside without having to get all rugged up. Summer coming also means that it's not long until baby arrives, which I have already discussed is both thrilling and scary at the same time! I'm trying to make the most of the uninterrupted sleep I'm having now, because I know it's only going to last another three and a half months. I'm also trying to get my head around being attentive enough and energetic enough to look after Levi well, while functioning on broken sleep. I have no idea how it will work, just that it will . . . somehow!

I think Brandon and I have both been nesting! We're on a roll of getting things sorted around the house which is wonderful! There was a bunch of things that needed attending to, but we had just gotten used to them and dealt with it, but now we have lists galore and things are getting done! It's fantastic! During the weekend Brandon made us a shelf to put the TV on top and our DVD player underneath, and it looks great. We are also on the hunt for some new furniture which will increase our storage capacity without taking up more space. I can't wait til we are all sorted!

I have a flute performance coming up in a few weeks for a musical evening we are having at church. I am really looking forward to it, except that I have a lot less "puff" than I used to! Little miss in my tummy is taking up all the room! So I am having to try and build up my capacity so I am not having to gasp for air every second!

 ~ Kelly

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