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Week 25
~ All Set to Go For an Attempted VBAC

Well I had my appointment with the specialist today and we're all okay to attempt a VBAC which is exciting. I'm really happy with what we discussed and what we've decided to do. The plan is to book me in for an elective caesarean at about 10 days overdue. So I have up until then to go into labour naturally on my own. There will be no induction, no syntocinon, no waiting around for hours if I plateau. Basically I will be given the chance to go into labour on my own, and the chance to progress through labour on my own, but also that if things don't truck along well, then there won't be much hesitation in taking me in for a caesarean.

I am happy with that outcome. I think it gives me the fairest chance of trying to give birth naturally while still balancing the risk of uterine rupture and without too much possibility of labouring for hours and hours only to end up with a Caesar. The fact that I laboured to 8cm last time is a good indication that during labour things should progress fairly readily so fingers crossed that is the case! Oh and I forgot to mention, I will have a scan at about 39 weeks, just to make sure the baby isn't going to be absolutely enormous. Let's hope not!

It has been an interesting week otherwise. Brandon's grandfather Ian, has been very ill and in hospital. We thought he had suffered a stroke, because he stopped being able to talk properly and his face went all lop-sided, but it turns out it was a massive bladder/urinary infection which they've managed to fight, and now he seems to be much much better. Brandon is very close to his grandparents (his grandmother died the day before I was due with Levi a year and a half ago) because him and his mother lived with them basically his whole life until we got married so they are like second parents to him. So, we have been spending a fair bit of time over there helping out lately. Brandon's Mum, who is the only person living with Ian, is due to for a 3 week trip to the States on Monday, so we will probably be moving in for a week or so to help Ian out which will be interesting. Levi will enjoy it. They have an enormous backyard with chickens! It's like a suburban farm! So he will love spending hours in the garden with his spade. It will be good to be able to help out. Brandon's Mum definitely deserves a good holiday.

Baby seems to be doing well. I'm getting pretty frustrated with my shortness of breath, but trying to just cope because there is still a long way to go. I'm also not doing all that well with my healthy eating. I eat plenty of good stuff, but I have these massive sugar/chocolate cravings which are really really really hard to ignore. So a lot of the time I give in. So frustrating! Oh well, I can only keep trying to do my best to be good. I've been getting some good exercise so hopefully it all balances out in the end!

Hope you're all having a great week!
 ~ Kelly

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