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Week 27
~ Third Trimester Woes

Well I am in the third trimester now and it feels like all the complaints of the third trimester have just hit me all of a sudden! I have gone from feeling pretty great to being a bit of a mess really! I feel big and heavy, I am not sleeping well, it is a mission to roll over in the night! I have heartburn, cramps, and a lot of the time I am really tired with very little energy. And the worst part is there is still two and a half months to go; I am sure it wasn't this bad at this point last time! How on earth am I going to manage?!

I am really hoping that part of it is because I am anaemic - I have had blood tests done and will hopefully get the results this week. At least then I will be able to do something to help alleviate the problems. With a bit of luck this will just be a short lived "dip" and I will be able to be a bit more functional soon. The house is a mess, I have the will to clean, but no energy! Brandon has been fantastic, and has picked up a lot of the slack, but I feel bad because he works hard all day and should be able to relax a little in the evenings as well.

Aside from all my complaining (sorry about that!) we are really looking forward to the arrival of baby. I have gone through Levi's baby things and hand me downs that people have given us, and figured out what we can use, and washed and dried them all and put them in the drawers and wardrobe. We almost have all the baby clothes I think we'll need, and once Brandon's mum comes back from the States I'm sure we'll be sorted.

Not much more to report this week. Hopefully next week will be a bit more cheery!
 ~ Kelly

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