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Kelly's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Feeling much better

Well, it seems like last weeks troubles were signs my body was just getting more and more run down, because on Friday I got really sick with the flu. By Friday afternoon I couldn't function. I had to ring my sister and ask her to pick up Levi (I really am so lucky to have so much support close by), while I spent the next 18 hours in bed sleeping! I just felt awful, I was sore, achy and shivery and couldn't think straight - I was just a mess! Anyway, the next day, after so much rest I felt much much better. Still sick, but at least I could get out of bed, and think a bit more clearly! Since then I have been feeling good, better than I did before I got sick, so maybe my body was just in desperate need of some rest. I am just so glad I can be more fuctional!

I had a midwife appointment, and got the result of the blood tests I had a few weeks ago. The results of the polycose test for gestational diabetes came back normal which was a relief! I am always scared my weakness for chocolate is going to come back to bite me! My iron levels were slightly low, but thankfully not low enough to need the hard, nausea/constipation inducing tablets I needed to take last time. Instead I am on a much easier to digest variety, which I am very happy about!

Baby moves a lot! The midwife always comments that she has to "chase" the baby around with the Doppler because she moves so much, and even when she is feeling for baby's position it is difficult because she just won't sit still! Part of me is thrilled that she is so healthy and active, the other part is worried about what she will be like "out" - I already have one very active boy, I was kind of hoping for a more placid one this time!

Levi has been so lovely lately. He loves to come over, lift up my shirt, and lay his head on "bubba", then he gives me lovely kisses on my tummy! It's so gorgeous, because when he does it he is so gentle and sweet - it makes me melt! Hopefully he'll be just as gentle and loving to the baby when she comes out!

So all in all things are really going much better, and I feel much more capable of at least surviving the next ten or so weeks. I am getting back on top of the housework which makes me very happy, and I just feel better which is wonderful.

Hope you are all feeling well and happy!

 ~ Kelly

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